Check Out 9 Amazing NYX FACE Awards Submissions

It’s been a long and glamorous ride for all those involved in the NYX FACE Awards competition. Beauty vloggers submitted videos to compete for the title of 2016 Beauty Vlogger Of The Year, and it’s finally time to announce a winner. Only six contestants are left, and if you’re just now finding out about this, you’re going to want to see the nine best videos of the NYX FACE Awards competition. Because that’s exactly what these contestants had to beat to make it into the top six. And let me tell you, it was no small feat.

The winner of the competition will be announced on Aug. 20 at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT, and you’re not going to want to miss out on the live-judging action. Six lucky contestants made it through three rounds of challenges all to compete one last time for the top spot. Their submission videos will be played live at the event, and the winner will be announced following the viewing. To get in on the action, live-stream the event through the NYX FACE Awards website or on the brand’s YouTube channel.

The challenges consisted of the following categories: Fairy Tale, Anime and Optical Illusion. These nine videos were among the best submissions. Prepare to be blown away!

This is seriously a beauty lover’s dream come true!

1. The Mad Hatter

This makeup look is incredible. He could have totally done the beauty looks for the actual Alice in Wonderland movie!

2. The White Witch

How amazing does this glam villain look? Those white lashes are everything!

3. Fairy Princess

The final look here is absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention, those glittery red brows. YAS.

4. Dragon Ball Z

The fact that she basically morphed herself into Frieza with NYX makeup is pretty darn astonishing.

5. Hellhound Alucard

This is scary and beautiful all at the same time. The fact that she made her own clay pieces to create a 3D effect is even more impressive.

6. Cotton Candy Princess

OK, this look is seriously too cute for words.

7. X-Ray

Is it just me or does this look like an actual x-ray? It's so lifelike it's crazy.

8. Skeleton

This Skeleton makeup is major Halloween costume inspo, if you ask me. The blacked out eyes are super creepy, yet work so well, you know what I mean?

9. 3-in-1

I love that each of these looks tell a story. They're all super intricate, and it's the fine details that make each one really stand out.

Each and every one of the beauty vloggers who were apart of the competition were super talented. Now you can get a sense of just how big a deal it is to be crowned 2016's Beaty Vlogger Of The Year.

Images: screengrab/YouTube (1); YouTube (9)