Where To Buy Team USA's Closing Ceremony Looks

Given that the world has been treated to 17 days of non-stop coverage of the world's most amazing athletes, the 2016 Olympics' Closing Ceremony should be a bittersweet occasion. No more watching Michael Phelps dominate the pool, or watching the Final Five basically kill it in every competition possible... no more watching Simone Biles or Zac Efron become BFF (or, hey — maybe that'll continue... fingers crossed). Of course, there are also probably those of us who may be welcoming a break from non-stop sports coverage. Whichever group you find yourself in, it's possible you're wondering where to snag yourself some sweet Olympics-themed apparel. And, specifically, you probably want the exact uniforms that team USA wore during the Closing Ceremony. I mean, I can't blame you. They're pretty cool.

According to ESPN, the Ralph Lauren-designed uniforms will, of course, complement the rest of the looks the athletes have worn across the past two weeks. More specifically, the outfits will include button-down shirts with white shorts. Nautical-themed belts and boat shoes will accompany the looks. Luckily for you, you can snag some of the pieces on the Ralph Lauren website and get yourself both a snazzy, "I vacation in Nantucket" type of look as well as a piece of American history. It's a win-win.

Team USA Ceremony Shirt, $145,

Classic, crisp, clean — and red, white, and blue, of course. And don't worry if the shorts are more your speed, the closing ceremony bottoms are also for sale on the Ralph Lauren site.

Team USA Ceremony Twill Short, $98.50,

Another great option, to say the least. And in case you forgot about just how awesome the Opening Ceremony looks were...

Whether the uniforms are your style or not, it's safe to say that Team USA killed it in both the athletic competition and uniform game.