Here's Who Designed USA's Closing Ceremony Shoe

Talent wasn't the only thing that stood out at the 17-day Olympic Games — the style was just as great. Although the games might be coming to an end, the clothing will be remembered until the next summer Olympics rolls around. Who designed Team USA's Closing Ceremony shoe, you ask? From the clothing to the accessories, there's one designer who was responsible for it all.

The Olympics are officially over, but Team USA is going out with a sartorial bang. They traded in their training outfits for something a little more laid-back for the Closing Ceremony. Although the board shorts and button-ups were the perfect pair, it was the shoes that have caught people's eyes the most. If you're wondering who designed the look, the name won't come as a surprise. The all-American brand Polo Ralph Lauren was responsible for dressing the Olympians, according to ESPN, and boy did the brand do one heck of a job.

The footwear was your typical boat shoe with a patriotic twist. Red, white, and blue shades all shared the spotlight on this slip-on. In my opinion. Ralph Lauren did a great job thinking of something that was both comfortable and stylish all at the same time. The Olympians look great in the shoe as they beamed with pride during the last walk in Rio.

If you want to look like an Olympian too, then you're in luck. The exact shoe that the men and women wore is available on the Ralph Lauren site right now. You should hurry to the site if you're looking to buy though, because some sizes are already sold out.

Team USA Ceremony Women's Shoe, $350,

Think back to the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony for a second. Remember those crisp white shorts and perfectly pressed blazers? Well, Polo Ralph Lauren was the designer behind those too. You can buy both the Opening and Closing Ceremony outfits on the website as well.

Team USA Closing Ceremony Oxford Shirt, $145,

So what are you waiting for? Go snag this Olympic gear while you still can!

Images: (2), usavolleyball/Twitter (1)