Katie's Closing Ceremony Instagram Is So Sweet

On the top tier of badass women, you'll find Katie Ledecky with her five Olympic medals—four gold, one silver, and pure strength. Katie Ledecky skipped the Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony, but that didn't stop her from showing off her accomplishments on Instagram. While she wasn't celebrating the Closing Ceremony in Rio, she did celebrate it at home, posting a photo of herself in Team USA's uniform.

Clad in a navy blue Polo button up, red, white, and blue striped shirt underneath, and of course, holding an American flag, Ledecky was cheesing hard for the photo she posted on Sunday. Her caption gave a shout out to Rio and Brazil, and let her fans know she wouldn't be at the closing ceremony, but she was still certainly celebrating.

Posing next to a bouquet of red and white roses with an American Flag stuck in it, she looked super patriotic and proud—of course, she did take home gold for the 400-meter freestyle, 200-meter freestyle, the 4x200-meter freestyle relay, and in the individual 800-meter freestyle. Yep—read 'em and weep. Four. Major props to this woman!

How could you not be all smiles in this photo? For the full effect, this is Team USA's full outfit:

Classic, right? Loving the red, white, and blue in the outfits that look more chic than costume-y. And, they've got the colorful boat shoes to match, too! While we're used to seeing her in her swim outfit with a swim cap, this outfit is a winner, too.

Her fans are pretty stoked about her performance and wins, too.

Though she's not physically at the closing ceremony in Rio, she's certainly there in spirit, and cheered on by all of her fans and teammates, too. It's well deserved, of course. Thank you for your outstanding performance, Katie, and like your fans have said, we can't wait to see you in 2020.