Twitter Loves Team USA's Closing Ceremony Looks

I like to think of the Olympics Closing Ceremony as one big catwalk of fashionable athletes. There were tons of different looks at the event that ended it all, but Twitter loved Team USA's outfits the most. After seeing the head-to-toe ensembles, you'll realize why everyone is so obsessed with them.

The outfits were what everyone was talking about during the Opening Ceremony, and the Closing Ceremony was the same way. Team USA showed up in red, white, and blue Ralph Lauren outfits. Let's just say it was head to toe patriotic fun. Everything from the shirts to the shoes sported America's colors, but they were anything but tacky. Underneath the traditional button-up shirts, the Olympians wore a striped tee that brought some depth to the look.

It was all about the details too. In addition to their clothing, Team USA wore red, white, and blue boat shoes and a belt to match. Basically, it was business casual with an athleisure twist. In my opinion, Ralph Lauren did a great job designing this outfit. Plus if you really like it, you can buy every single piece from the shirt to the shoes online right now. Don't just take my word for it though, see for yourself how on-point the looks were.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

They look so good! I'm not the only person that thinks so either. Twitter was absolutely loving the looks too. Here's what they has to say about the red, white, and blue designs.

Outfits on fleek.

Love at first sartorial sight.

Now that's a complement.

But most importantly, wear the outfits.


Props to Ralph Lauren!

Cute AF.

Do they wi a medal for that?

The emojis say it all.

Team USA going out with a bang!