Twitter Reacts To The Sparkliest Jumpsuit Ever

It's not easy being green, especially at the closing ceremony of the Olympics when fashion is all the talk amongst viewers and admirers, alike. In this case, lime green, a sequined jumpsuit, worn by performer Julia Michaels, was definitely something to shout about, as the quite unconventional outfit, which might just be just one step up from a kermit the frog costume or a Britney Spears music video can garner rather mixed results. At this 2016 Olympics closing ceremony, there have been so rather risky fashion moments that have gotten crowds of people bashing, lusting after, and swiping credit cards for look-alikes instantly. I don't really blame people for wanting to get on board with some of these flashy, brightly-colored styles!

Still, there's no denying that it's incredibly entertaining to watch. Pair the lime green, bright color with the light up shoes from Team Britain, and you've got plenty of flash, colors and fashion awe-inspiring moments to relish. So whatever your take is on this interesting fashion style, it's worth noting others funny, confused and intrigued reactions over Twitter. Keep in mind the jumpsuit is silk, so it has to be somewhat comfortable, right? Maybe I'll consider putting one on my shopping wish list. We've been told orange is not the new black, but no one ever said anything about a bright, lime green hue.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Here are a few reactions to going green.

We're watching, and we're just as entertained as you are.

So tacky can be a good thing.

So maybe it's not an upgrade from the Kermit look...

Shiny green bikini?

Somewhat positive: lizards can be sexy.

"Thanks for a great compliment!" said Michaels never.

Hey girl, all the power to you. You do you.