Here's How To Successfully Shop The New Kyliners

I give credit where it's due. Kylie Jenner and Kylie Cosmetics have been restocking often and Lip Kits have been plentiful. They've managed to level out supply and demand. Gone are the days when Lip Kits sold out in minutes and customers would get kicked off the brand's site in the middle of making a purchase, if they could even gain access or get on the site in the first place. While Kylie Cosmetics products, like the Bronze Kyshadow Palette, continue to sell out, shopping the products is not nearly as frustrating or as difficult as it was in the past. You still need to employ a strategy going into the process, especially when Jenner launches a new product. The Black & Brown Kyliner Kits are arriving on the brand's site, which is its sole sales platform, for the first time on Tuesday, Aug. 23 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT.

You need a game plan, since these new products are expected to fly off the digital shelves quickly. Don't worry, I will share my secrets for successfully shopping the Kylie Cosmetics Kyliners.

The Kyliners are new, they are anticipated, and they are hotly desired. That means the first on-sale will be an e-commerce madhouse. The new Kyliners or "Kyliner Kits" come in two colors that are essential for any makeup bag.

The fact that these Kylie Cosmetics Kyliners are two basic and beloved shades makes them even more appealing to both diehard and casual customers. That means the site may experience even more traffic and users.

Jenner premiered her first Kyliner with Dark Bronze. It was part of the gold-drenched, limited edition Birthday Collection. The Dark Bronze kit is gone for good. However, the new Kyliner Kits, featuring an eyeliner, a gel pot, and a brush, are all you need for an on fleek flick or cat-eye or wing, so demand will be super high.

Here's how to successfully shop the Kyliners.

1. Get Online 15 Minutes Early

Close out all of your browsers 15 minutes prior to the on-sale time — except for one. Load the Kylie Cosmetics site in advance and stay there. Once the on-sale time hits, start refreshing methodically not maniacally. Once you gain access to the site, get the Kyliner(s) you want, add to your cart, and check out. End. Of. Story.

2. Don't Browse

Don't waste time browsing other items. You can go back and shop the Lip Kits or Kylie Glosses later, since supply has proven plentiful as of late. Stick with a singular shopping goal. If you pause to browse, say, the fully-stocked Metal Mattes, someone else could digitally butt in front of you, causing you to lose your place in line and to miss out on the coveted Kyliners. Make this digital shopping excursion solely about the Kyliners and nothing else.

3. Have Your Credit Card At Hand

Get your credit card out of your wallet and have it next to your computer so you can shop quickly and efficiently. Don't waste time digging in your bag to find your method of payment. If you've previously shopped Kylie Cosmetics, then your information should be stored. If you haven't, create an account in advance. You will still need to re-enter some information at check out. But have you card readily accessible to save precious seconds.

4. Tune Out The Rest Of The World For 30 Minutes

If you are able, shut out the rest of the world while shopping the Kyliners. Ignore emails and texts, provided you are not at work, involved in something time sensitive, or looking after your younger siblings. You don't want to get in trouble for focusing on shopping.

If you can engage in such behavior, then close other browsers, as mentioned. Take a mere 30 minutes for yourself to prep, shop, and come back to reality. Just don't put off any important tasks, because at the end of the day, it's only makeup.

But since the Kyliners are expected to sell out quick, you're only disconnecting from life's distractions for a half-hour at most. But do so responsibly.

5. Don't Refresh Like A Maniac

Don't keep refreshing the page while shopping... even if the page times out or freezes. That could cause you to lose your place in line. Practice a little patience. Since this is a brand new product and the first time the Black & Brown liners are going on sale, there will likely be more users on the site, trying to snatch them up. Therefore, the process may feel slow or slower than usual. Still, don't go too hard with the refreshes.

6. Caught Speeding

If possible, get on a fast WiFi connection. The faster your web connection, the faster your can shop and then return to your life as you know it. Or the faster your can return to the site to shop Lip Kits or single Lip Liners.

Those are six things to in order to successfully shop the new Kyliners.

Also worth noting? The Kyliners are being called "Kyliner" and "Kyliner Kits" interchangeably. The Dark Bronze Kyliner came with a $38 price tag. I am expecting the Black & Brown Kyliners to cost the same amount, since they include the same pieces. The only difference is that the Black & Brown aren't packaged in the gold cases.

Good luck shopping the new Kyliners.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (4); Kylie Jenner Snapchat (3)