Here's What Kyshadow Palettes Don't Come With

Sold out... again! But don't worry more are on the way! The Bronze Kyshadow Palette, featuring nine pans of neutral, bronze, and beige shades, along with beautiful black, pink, and orange accent hues, is a hit and will restock. Kylie Jenner also teased the followup Kyshadow Palette via Snapchat, using the grey filter to obscure the colors. However, it appears that the second Kyshadow Palette will boast shimmery shades. That said, the debut Kyshadow collection is so popular, due to a fact that it hosts a variety of shades and fans are loyal to the brand due to the quality, on-trend products. The Kyshadow Palette costs $42, with a nearly $9 shipping cost, so it will set you back by at least $50. But does the Kyshadow palette include a brush to apply the shades? Does it come with a self-contained mirror, as well?

I saw a few Instagram comments asking these questions.

The answer to both questions is "no." You'll need to utilize your favorite blending, buffing, and application brushes. You'll also need to provide your own mirror.

It doesn't bother me that either element is missing from the Kyshadow Palette. I rarely use a palette's included mini brush or mirror, since the former is too small and the latter often gets coated in fallout shadow dust! Those aren't essential elements, IMO. Therefore, their exclusion is not a deal-breaker for me.

There's no doubt you will hit pan on one or several shades, which are complimentary and can help you copy Kylie Jenner's look and create sunset, smoky eyes perfect for autumn.

The colors look rich and silky enough to justify the price.

The shades are super wearable on all skin tones, so you will likely end up using all and coming up with endless color combos. That increases this palette's value.

Perhaps Jenner will add a brush or a mirror to future generations of Kyshadow Palettes. Perhaps not.

She really nailed it with the color story.

Observe the tease of the next palette, which looks like it won't be all mattes and satins like Bronze Kyshadow.

The Kyshadows are pretty rad! Adding a brush or mirror wouldn't make that much of a difference.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics (4); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Kylizzle Snapchats/Instagram (1)