9 Weird Tools Anyone With Curly Hair Should Have

Having curly hair is intimidating enough as it is. But then, you throw in the jars of products you need to tame them and add all the tools it takes to style them — it’s just overwhelming, especially when you discover these weird but genius tools every curly haired girl needs. If you opened the cabinet under my sink, it would look more like a laboratory than a beauty cabinet, thanks to all the curly hair contraptions I own. When I first found this hand-shaped diffuser made just for curly hair, I was legitimately puzzled. It turns out that the weird hand shape directs the airflow straight to the roots for more voluminous curls. Genius.

And I wouldn’t even know how to describe this hand-held steamer, but what I can say is that it adds moisture (so important!) to your curls like magic. Even the simplest of tools, when made for curly hair, get a little weird. Take this shower cap for example. Just a cap, right? Wrong. It’s a gel-lined microwavable cap that makes masks and hot oil treatments for curly hair that much more effective. All these strange tools for curly hair are enough to drive any woman mad, but when having curls feels like a science project, a little madness helps, right?

1. Get Full, Defined Curls With A Hand Shaped Diffuser

DevaCurl DevaFuser, $39, Amazon

Diffusers are a curly girl's best friend. By adjusting the flow of air to the hair (instead of a blow dryer's blast of air that could ruin your curl pattern), they're great for drying, defining, and creating full curls. This particular diffuser, though, is shaped like a hand, so you get a even more lift as though you were manually lifting your hair from the root.

2. Define Your Curls The Heat-Free Way

Curlformers Extra Long Spiral Curls, $14, Amazon

Sometimes you might want to manipulate your natural curl pattern, and though you may think of using a curling iron, hold out (remember, heat damages hair!). Instead, use these heat-free flexible Curlformers to get bouncy, spiral curls.

3. Use This Retro Tool To Get The Biggest Curls Ever

Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Pick Comb infused with Argan Oil, Olive Oil and Keratin, $6, Amazon

The first time I saw someone use a pick to get voluminous curls, I was amazed. Picks used to make me think of big '70s afros, not bouncy curls, but by using a pick to lift from the roots, you get the fullest, fluffiest curls ever!

4. Ditch Your Towel And Dry Your Hair With A Tee

Ultimate T-shirt Hair Towel, $18, Amazon

Terrycloth towels are rough on curls and often cause frizz. Instead, this towel is simply made of 100 percent interlock cotton T-shirt material, so its smooth, flat surface won't disrupt your curl pattern when drying or scrunching.

5. Or Scrunch Dry Your Curls With These Microfiber Gloves

Deva Concepts Devacurl Microfiber Drying Deva Hair Drying Gloves, $21, Amazon

If you have shorter curls or prefer more control when drying your hair, these microfiber gloves are a great choice. You can section your hair and scrunch-dry each part for more curl definition.

6. Get Moisture Back Into Your Curls With This Contraption

Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer, $70, Amazon

The number one curly girl rule is that moisture is key — curls that are properly moisturized will always be bouncier, fuller and healthier. A steamer like this one directly applies moisture to your curls when they're feeling dry and thirsty. Plus, it's a great way to refresh 'Day 2' curls that have lost their oomph.

7. Deep Condition With This Microwavable Cap

Cordless Hot Oil Treatments Cap, $26, Amazon

Deep conditioning masks and hot oil treatments are a great way to repair hair and give it a boost, and heat ensures that the products are penetrating the hair. Throw this gel lined cap in the microwave for a minute or two, and place it over product saturated hair (covered with a regular shower cap) for a treatment that gets deep into your hair.

8. Detangle With This Multi-Height Bristle Brush

Black Detangling Hair Brush, $5, Amazon

We curly girls have in interesting relationship with detangling. It's a necessity, but boy, it's not easy. This brush has multi-height bristles and staggered rows that comb through irregular curls much more easily (and with less pulling!) than a traditional brush would.

9. Dry & Treat Your Curls With An Easy Dryer Attachment

Hair Flair Deluxe Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment, $19, Amazon

When I go to a professional salon, I'm guaranteed to sit under a hooded dryer, whether it's for a deep conditioning treatment or to dry my curls quickly. To imitate those results at home, this blow dryer attachment is an effective tool. It's easy to assemble and saves way more space than a hooded blowdryer.

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