13 Pokémon-Inspired Makeup Tutorials On YouTube

Don't worry, pal: Not all of the Pokémon-inspired makeup tutorials in the world are intense, although the Ivysaur one is honestly one of the coolest things I've ever seen. The word "inspired" is key when thinking of Pokémon beauty, and while I do have a spot spot for the more dramatic, Halloween-appropriate looks, the majority of cosmetic aesthetics you'll see below are simply modeled after Pokémon characters or Pokémon Go teams.

Whether the artist is using a color palette they've derived directly from their Pokémon of choice — and don't worry, they're not all Pikachu — or they are creating automatically-recognizable Pokémon-themed looks, these makeup tutorials will hopefully teach you techniques and color combinations that I'm sure you'll be using as standard throughout your regular, non-Pokémon-inspired beauty looks, too.

Personally, I think I'll be utilizing these colorful looks on nights out more often than I should. That said, whether or not I admit that I'm rocking a Pokémon-inspired visage will totally depend on whether I'm in the company of avid Pokémon Go players or not. Regardless of anyone's stance on the Pokémon fandom, however, I think these 13 looks will make any person feel fun and stand out in a sea of neutral-toned cosmetics.

1. Mew

This YouTuber actually has a whole series of glam Pokémon looks that are as equally brilliant and glamorous as this one. The techniques in the series are ones that I can definitely see anyone adopting, both for high concept looks as well as in their day-to-day.

2. Pokémon Go

This tutorial reminds me of something I'd do on a rainy day in, just to entertain my Snapchat followers. But it could also make for a really fun activity to do with, you know, actual children.

3. Pikachu

Without the cheeks and the yellow skin, I think this tutorial could totally pass as a day look. If not, it's a great and easy tutorial for anyone dressing up as Pikachu come Halloween.

4. Jigglypuff & Rattata

These are straight-up horrifying, but at the same time stunning pieces of art.

5. Nidoking

This glamorous cut crease and dark lip would be a stunning look regardless of its Pokémon affiliations.

6. Pikachu

I know, another Pikachu tutorial. But this one is totally different and definitely more of an inspired look than a straight-up costume party one.

7. Jolteon

This electrifying tutorial is so cool. If you're a bold kind of person, this look could be totally wearable to the club, IMO.

8. Jigglypuff

My personal favorite Pokémon and a super cute look, this one's perfect if you're looking for something a little more pastel.

9. Pokémon Go Lure

I love this look because it's so specific to the Pokémon Go game. It's actually based on the lures you can use while playing.

10. Charizard

When does red makeup ever not look good? I especially adore the ombré lip.

11. Pikachu & Ivysaur

I'm sorry, but I just had to feature this MUA more than once. These looks are astoundingly beautiful.

12. Pokémon Go Teams

No matter which Pokémon Go team you're on, this tutorial will have you covered for all three. So get ready to represent.

13. Flareon

OK, I may be biased to fire Pokémon looks, but that's just because I think red-toned makeup is glorious. And this tutorial proves me right.

Whether you're looking for costume party ideas or want to inject some more color and Pokémon fun into your life, I hope this list has helped you. Even though I'm not a particularly huge Pokémon fan, I've definitely learned a thing or two from every one of these tutorials.

Image: Jordan Hanz/YouTube (1)