How To Buy Justin Bieber x Forever 21 Online

Have you heard about your favorite fast fashion retailer's newest collaboration? They'll be selling tour merch co-designed with a certain pop star — and the eight-piece collection has a fun, on-trend grungy '90s aesthetic, which makes them all the more covetable. So, how can you buy Justin Bieber x Forever 21 online? Seriously, how can you get your hands on all the very cool sweatshirts, tees, and tanks included in the capsule collection?

Luckily, it's pretty easy: The collaboration is exclusive to Forever 21, so it's pretty much your one-stop shop for every piece in the collection. It launched today online, so it's currently available on Forever 21's website — the only fly in the ointment is that some of the more popular pieces (like the ultra-amazing satin bomber flamboyantly emblazoned with Bieber's name) are already sold out in most sizes. That said, you can always join the wait list, which is a good sign that not all hope is lost — though Forever 21's website does warn, "Keep in mind we don't always restock. This is just for popular items that may come back due to high demand." Still, you'd think official Justin Bieber tour merch would qualify as high demand, right?

Purpose Tour Satin Bomber, $34.90,

Restock or not, there are still more opportunities coming up: In fact, you'll have a chance to purchase everything in store when it hits Forever 21's brick and mortar shelves next week on August 29th.

Purpose Tour Graphic Tee, $17.90,

Since it was only released this morning, the collection is not yet available on sites like Amazon and eBay — but if Kylie Jenner's fast-selling lip kits and Rihanna's equally popular Puma creepers are any indication, items from the Forever 21 x Justin Bieber collaboration will likely show up there eventually, in case there's a certain piece that you really, really want. (Though be warned, it would probably be at a significant mark-up).

Purpose Tour Cropped Hoodie, $24.90,

Bottom line is? Go forth and get yourself on that waitlist!

Images: Courtesy Forever 21 (4)