The Lilly Pulitzer Sale Is Inspiring Hysteria

It's that time of year again. Your favorite brands are hosting their annual sales, and one in particular has everyone talking. Lilly Pulitzer's annual After Party sale is practically iconic, so when is it happening? Right now. To be exact, the Lilly Pulitzer sale is happening Aug. 22-23, and fans are already in the online queue to hit up the massively discounted prices. From accessories to dresses, the sale is a smorgasbord of the brand's greatest wares, and the best part? The insane deals.

The iconic brand shot to popularity when First Lady Jackie Kennedy wore one of the first "Lilly" dresses, and ever since then, the brightly colored, heavily patterned prints have been adorning all sorts of attire, making preppy-loving women everywhere very happy. Apparently, the sale itself is making them even happier. Once you head to the online sale, you'll be placed into a queue with other shoppers in order to access the sale items. A fun feature of the queue? It tells you how many other people are in line. The top number I've seen is somewhere around 8,300 people — that's a lot of folks waiting to snag their Lily Pulitzer best!

From Aug. 22-23, fans of Lilly Pulitzer will be able to buy the brand's famous shift dresses, shorts, and tops in Pulitzer's brilliant Palm Springs-inspired patterns for sometimes more than half off retail value. Plus, other items like phone cases, bags, and scarves are up for grabs, so if you've been wanting to snag some LP gear, now's yours chance.

The Lilly Pulitzer sale will go on for two days, but quantities may not. If you've been a fan of the brand for a while, you know that sell-outs are common with the brand. Who here remembers Lilly Pulitzer x Target?

The Lilly x Target collaboration sold out, and nearly immediately after, Lilly resales began on sites like eBay with tripled prices. Fans, however, were having none of it and boycotted the sellers.

As of press time, the Lilly Pulitzer sale was still full of items to shop. So head over the Lily Pulitzer sale either in store and online, but be sure to brace yourselves. The wait is no joke.

Images: Lilly Pulitzer/Instagram