Lilly Pulitzer's Sale Is Accessible To Everyone

Lilly Pulitzer is an iconic brand for preppy-loving ladies, beach babes, and sorority girls which means that their annual, mega-sale is a big deal to everyone who's ever loved preppy fashion. The Lilly Pulitzer After Party sale is happening Aug. 22-23, and it's accessible both in store and online. So, if you're not able to set foot into a brick and mortar location, no worries because the brand is making sure you can snag their digs and accessories no matter where you are.

Lilly Pultizer has brick and mortar locations nearly everywhere on the eastern side of the United States, and a few select locations on the West Coast. If you're in a more rural are or an area that just doesn't have a store, the brand is making sure all of their wares are totally shoppable in their online store. From scarves to their signature shift dresses, pretty much any select item you'd like is available on sale right now. Sure, it's not the whole site, but this sale is crazy extensive.

If you're not lucky enough to set foot in the tropical paradise that is a Lilly Pulitzer store, you'll be heading online to shop. Once you hit the website, you'll be placed into a queue to get access to the gorgeous goodies. If the number of shoppers in the queue is accurate (the site shows you how many people are in line!), ladies are seriously loving the After Party sale.

If you're wanting to stock up on summer essentials before the official end of the season, the After Party sale is the perfect spot. Gorgeous beachy patterns, perfect classic sheath silhouettes, perfect shorts, and flowing tops are all yours for the taking — or purchasing.

So whether you'll be in-store or online, you can totally access the Lilly Pulitzer After Party sale from anywhere.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Grab your credit card and get shopping, everyone.