8 Clever Accessories For Thicker-Looking Hair

After years of flat ironing, blow drying, and at one point in time, dying my dark hair a honey blonde (oh, the damage!), I've been left with thin strands. Now, my hair is natural to allow it to repair, but in the meantime, I’ve been using accessories that make hair look thicker to fake the volume. My first battle with thin hair was the fight against limp ponytails. You know, the kind that just plops against your head? To remedy that, I found these inserts that act as a clever hair hack to lift ponytails. And if you’re a brave soul, there are even extensions designed just for creating fuller ponytails.

Me, I love my extensions. I actually have two sets in my collection — one for thickness and one for length. And aside from the instant Mariah Carey “I own the world and everything in it,” feeling they give me, they are a godsend for creating fuller hair, especially when I curl and tease them. Having thin hair can feel like a curse when you want to experiment with the latest hair trends like fishtail braids or halo braids, but there are even ways around that, too. Read on too see how you can get thicker-looking hair with these accessories.

1. Say Goodbye To Flat Up-Dos With This Insert

AnHua® 1PC Charming BUMP IT UP Volume Inserts, $6, Amazon

If you're tired of up-dos that don't have enough "up," try these inserts. The foam piece can be trimmed, so you can get just the right amount of volume you need, whether you want mod Brigitte Bardot hair or a gentle lift to your half-up-half-down hair styles.

2. For Instantly Thicker Styles, Use These Extensions

OneDor 24" Straight Wrap Around Ponytail Extension (19 Colors Available), $11, Amazon

For a no-fuss fix for thin half-up-half-down styles, these extensions are perfect. They even come with a piece that you use to hide the clip in, so it looks like your natural hair — and these come in 19 shades to match everyone's hair.

3. Get Bigger Buns, Chignons, And Topknots With A Donut Maker

Donut Bun Maker - 3 Piece Set , $9, Amazon

I'm sure you've seen these used by beauty gurus all over YouTube and Instagram, and that's because they work! Small, barely there topknots are gone when you use one of these. They come in three colors and three sizes, so you can control how you want your bun to look.

4. Use Subtle Clip-In Extensions For All-Over Volume

Emosa 7Pcs 70g 100% Real Full Head Remy Clip In Human Hair Extensions, $22, Amazon

Clip-in extensions are my favorite way to get volume. When I bought my first set, I couldn't believe how well it worked and how great my hair looked. This set comes in several lengths, so you can match your own hair length just to add volume, or get a longer set for added length, too.

5. Lift Your Ponytail For A Fuller Effect

2Pc Elegant Magic BUMP IT UP Volume Inserts, $3, Amazon

If extensions aren't your thing, just slip these inserts under your ponytail for a lift that makes your hair look much thicker.

6. Lengthen & Thicken A Straight Hair Ponytail With A Subtle Ombré Effect

Long Straight Clip-In Ponytail Extension , $17, Amazon

If you've never tried extensions before, this claw clip style is an easy starter piece for beginners. If you're just looking to add some length and thickness to your ponytail for the night, this piece (for straight hair) makes it a headache-free process. Plus, you can experiment with ten different colors and treatment effects.

7. Add Volume At The Crown Of Your Head

Hair Bump Comb (Brunette), $3, Amazon

This sturdy piece uses its teeth to grip into the hair at the crown of your head. Once it's secure, you just pull a layer of hair over the top, fasten that layer in the back, and you instantly have a little volume boost.

8. Create Big Goddess Halo Braids That Don't Look Thin

CoolCos Sythentic Hair Braid Five Strands Braided Hair Accessories, $10, Amazon

Braids and goddess styles are everywhere right now, but they're often hard to create with thin hair. Wrapping your own hair around a braided headband like this will give you the big, halo braid look you want, even with thin hair. This braided band is available in eight different colors, too.

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