This Trick Makes Applying Glossier Concealer Easy

Ever since I first tried out Glossier's beauty products a few months ago, I've been a major fan of Glossier Stretch Concealer, the creamy, sheer concealer from the cosmetics company. I picked up my first jar of Stretch Concealer at a Glossier pop-up in New York a few months ago, and I've been using it almost every day since then. I love that it's designed to be applied with your fingers, because I'm all about quick morning makeup routines when I've got to get to work quickly in the morning.

After using Glossier's concealer for a few months now, I've made a weird discovery about the best way to apply it. I keep my room at a nice chilly 68 degrees when I sleep (is there anything better than sleeping in a cold room?), and that's where I also store my makeup. But a few times in the past several months, I'll go to an early-morning gym class or plan a happy hour after work and throw my makeup in my bag to apply or touch up away from home. To my surprise, my Stretch Concealer goes on way more smoothly and sinks into my skin much better when it's slightly warm.

This isn't too surprising, considering the concealer's creamy texture is bound to soften a little when it's at room temperature or slightly warmer. But I really couldn't get over the difference it made when I applied it outside of my chilly bedroom. Although I love the cooling affect of patting slightly chilly concealer on my puffy morning undereye circles, I can't deny that the product looks much better when it's warm and applied with warm fingers.

Glossier Stretch Concealer, $18, Glossier

It's a pretty easy trick, but it's one that's totally changing my morning makeup routine for the better, so I just had to share. Fellow Glossier Stretch Concealer devotees, I hope it changes your makeup routine too.

Images: @glossier/Instagram; Courtesy of Glossier