8 Brazilian Beauty Products You Can Get On Amazon

The world was all over the Korean beauty product craze. Then people moved on to French drugstore cosmetics, and now we’re onto the best-selling Brazilian beauty products that women just cannot get enough of. Brushing up on your international hair care and skin care options could just expand your beauty routine in ways you never thought possible — not only do foreign beauty companies utilize new and innovative ingredients that might not make it onto the labels of your local products, but they help you pamper parts of your body that you didn’t even realize wanted pampering. (Like a butt-nourishing Brazilian Bum Bum cream, for example.)

Many Brazilians are really into hair care and skin care, too, and that’s why they’re the third-largest consumers of cosmetic products. They also use tons of natural and local ingredients like nut oils and fruits to create their beauty products (which I’m a definite fan of), and a recent survey even showed that 81 percent of Brazilians are concerned about the origin of natural ingredients that are used to manufacture cosmetics. Because these Brazilian drugstore favorites have to be imported, they can be a little tricky to find online, but with a little research, you can find and purchase the absolute staples in Brazilian women’s beauty routines.

1. Check Out This Natural Body Butter With Chestnut

Granado Terrapeutics Chestnut Body Butter, $30, Amazon

Granado Pharmácias began in the 19th century as an exclusive supplier to the Brazilian royal family, and because of their natural ingredients, it has remained a staple for Brazilian women for over a century. This Granado Terrapeutics chestnut body butter uses tons of natural oils to keep your skin feeling smooth and moisturized, and it’s great for improving skin' elasticity.

2. Get A Shimmery Bronze Glow That Actually Looks Real

BestBronze Self-Tanning Spray, $40, Amazon

As far as best-selling bronzing sprays go in Brazil, BestBronze's self-tanning spray is definitely up there. Instead of blotchy orange spots, you get an even beautiful glow that’s just a tad shimmery — and it dries in less than three minutes. No wonder reviewers are saying things like, “This is one of the easiest self-tanners I have ever tried,” and “It is one of the most amazing products I’ve tried in a long time.”

3. Nourish Your Skin With This Guaraná Extract Cream

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, $45, Amazon

This Brazilian Bum Bum cream is a drugstore favorite that’s super rich, but absorbs quickly, in order to hydrate skin. It can be used on your legs, tummy, butt, or anywhere else, and it’s loaded with great ingredients (like Amazonian guaraná caffeine, açai, and coconut oil) that help to nourish your skin. One thrilled reviewer described the formula, saying, "This custardy, thick, whipped creme practically vanishes into your skin with a few rubs, leaving a faint silky trace - no oiliness or greasiness -- behaving like a light body lotion in this sense."

4. Reap the Benefits Of Antioxidant-Rich Açai Fruit

Natura Ekos Dry Touch Acai Body Oil, $17, Amazon

Brazil appears to be big on body oil, and Natura Ekos is one of their best-selling brands. This Natura Ekos açai body oil uses oil from the açaí fruit to deeply moisturize and heal skin. It absorbs quickly, leaving a wonderful smell, and because it’s non-greasy, you don’t have to rinse it off afterwards — just let the vitamins and antioxidants soak in all day.

5. Rejuvenate Skin With This Sweet Almond Oil Lotion

Linha Seve Natura, $26, Amazon

Another amazing Brazilian body oil is this Linha Seve Natura. It’s especially great for the winter months, as the sweet almond oil is intensely healing and rejuvenating for dry skin. It leaves behind a sweet, refreshing scent that deodorizes, and reviewers are saying that it leaves your skin feeling so unbelievably soft.

6. Keep Hair Strong And Soft With Keratin

O Boticario Nativa Spa Exotic Plum Hair Restorative Shampoo , $12, Amazon

O Boticario is a hugely popular beauty company in Brazil, and this O Boticario restorative shampoo is a pretty solid option as far as hair-strengthening goes. It uses keratin to permeate the strands, making it stronger and softer simultaneously, all while leaving your hair feeling particularly clean and fresh.

7. A Reliable Brazilian Deodorant That Goes On Clear And Stays Fresh

Linha Erva Doce Natura, $10, Amazon

Linha Erva Doce Natura is a Brazilian deodorant that goes on cool and has a just-out-of-the-shower fresh scent. Some people say it’s the only deodorant that actually gives them the protection they need, and it lasts all day, even in the sun. It won’t leave marks on your skin or clothes, and reviewers are totally thrilled that it’s available on Amazon.

8. Prevent And Reverse Heat Damage From Styling

Nunaat Brazilian Keratin Serum Ultra Shine, $13, Amazon

If you’re looking to reduce damage from heat styling or tame frizz in humidity, Nunaat's keratin shine serum is a Brazilian favorite for a reason. It coats each strand in a conditioning layer, making it flexible and manageable, and it can also be used as a heat protectant alongside your blow dryer or straightener.

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