11 Remarks Women Who Wear Whatever They Want Hear

It's arguably a fact of life that some people are always going to give you their unwanted opinions on your appearance, and even more so if you are a woman. The sheer amount of creepy things women who wear whatever they want hear is staggering. It's also something I can attest to from firsthand experience.

When you choose to wear whatever the hell you feel like wearing, especially when the clothing you wear breaks social standards, many other people — be they friends, enemies, families, or Facebook users — often think they're valid in voicing their opinions on your makeup, hair, outfits and absolutely anything to do with your aesthetic. They may not be trying to be negative, but that doesn't mean these comments aren't unwanted.

So whether you're a woman baring "too much" flesh or none at all, your style is wild or reserved, or you're always overdressed or underdressed, I'm sure you've heard at least some of these creepy remarks. As women, we tend to hear creepy commentary simply for existing. But when we go against the norm, regardless of whether the norm in question is societal standards of beauty or the concept of staying "on trend," we'll most definitely hear something about it.

Whatever your interpretation of "wearing whatever the hell you want" might be, these are some of the creepy comments that have hit my radar.

1. "You're so brave to wear that."

This may seem like a compliment, but someone thinking that wearing an outfit requires "bravery" usually means that they think most people wouldn't or shouldn't wear it.

2. "That isn't flattering."

The term "flattering" is usually used instead of saying, "That outfit doesn't give off the illusion that you are thinner than you are." The problem with this is that it perpetuates fatphobic ideals of beauty — which are harmful not only on a personal level, but a cultural one.

3. "I would never wear that."

Well, good thing I'm wearing it and not you. Isn't it?

4. "Men hate when women wear that."

And isn't it great that most women don't dress to please men?

5. "Where does your confidence come from?"

This one is along the same lines of the "bravery" remark, but even more shady. Actually, my confidence comes from my clothing most of the time.

6. "Just because something is fashionable doesn't mean you should wear it."

Whether this is said because the commentator thinks you're too fat, too thin, too tall, or too short for something or they just don't like the trend in and of itself, please feel free to tell them that it's none of their business what you wear, and to kindly refrain from any further commentary.

7. "I don't think you can pull that off."

Last time I checked, the notion of pulling something off was completely arbitrary and rooted in body-related prejudice. Anyone can wear whatever the hell they want, in fact, as long as it brings them joy.

8. "I love a quirky girl."

And if you stop fetishizing the manic pixie dream girl trope, you can get back to me.

9. "What do your parents think of what you dress?"

I wouldn't know, seeing as they don't feel the need to pick apart my every outfit based on their personal preferences.

10. "Where do you even get clothes like that?"

Wherever you and your boring wardrobe don't shop, funnily enough.

11. "Aren't you worried about what people will think?"

If I cared about that, I would have stopped dressing this way a long time ago. But life's too short to spend it avoiding the things I love simply because others don't feel I should love them.

I would hope that if you're already wearing whatever the hell you want, then you don't much care about the creepy comments you receive regarding your style. Although I wish words like these weren't spoken to anybody, try to keep yourself equipped with a series of comebacks that'll serve you well against any of the unfortunate souls you come across.

Images: Georgina Jones