8 Beauty Tools Invented By Experts In The Field

When it comes to new and innovative beauty tools invented by makeup artists and stylists — beauty products that the pros swear by — few people can offer as much insight as the people who feel the need for these products in the first place. Beauty tools are often invented by makeup artists and hair stylists, because, if it doesn’t already exist, you might as well make it yourself. Some of the best ideas come out of the need for improvement, and improvements in cosmetics are no exception.

Inventor and makeup artist Rea Ann Silva has been all over the news lately because of her Beautyblender Original Makeup Sponge, and she’s a perfect example of the type of person I’m talking about. When she was working on a television show that was shot in HD, Silva knew she needed a tool that would allow for flawless makeup application without any lines. She spent hours cutting sponges in her trailer to get the perfect shape, and now she’s the proud inventor of a tool that’s a staple in the cases of most professional makeup artists. Check out these great beauty tools invented by makeup artists for people who love makeup, because no one knows beauty like these guys.

1. Get That Airbrushed Look

Beautyblender Original Makeup Sponge, $20, Amazon

This next one totally revolutionized the way women apply their makeup. Makeup artist Rea Ann Silva created the Beautyblender Original Makeup Sponge out of necessity when brushes just weren’t getting the airbrushed effect she was looking for. It can be used damp or dry, and because it has no angles, it’s a great tool to give you a flawless complexion with very little effort.

2. Stop The Raccoon Eyes

Shadow Shields, $8, Amazon

These awesome Shadow Shields were invented by makeup artist Michelle Villanueva who (I’m sure) was totally over the raccoon-eyes and the undead-child-in-a-horror-film look. Villanueva said on her site, "I knew that I had to create something that would help every woman, every makeup artist save that extra 10-15 minutes it was taking to touch up the mess of eyeshadow fallout!" These shields catch any dust that falls while you’re applying your mascara and eye shadow, so that it ends up on the pad instead of your cheekbones. Plus, because it’s sticky and disposable, it’s hands-free and convenient.

3. Keep All Your Favorite Shades In One Place

Z Palette, $18, Amazon

Zena Shteysel, Emmy Award-winning makeup artist from Dancing With The Stars, invented the Z Palette, which gives you an efficient way to store only your favorite shadows and blushes. It keeps them from sliding around with a magnetic back, and has a clear top so you can see exactly which colors you’re grabbing. No more lugging around four different compacts and shadow cases because you only like one shade in each.

4. Perfect Your Cat Eye Game

Liner Designer, $16, Amazon

Another one from the makeup geniuses at Beautyblender, this Liner Designer gives you a sharp angle that helps you create the perfect cat-eye. It also comes in a cute protective case that has a built-in mirror and suction cup, so you can keep things easy, steady, and symmetrical every time.

5. Upgrade Your Brushes To The 21st Century

Sancan Professional 10 Piece Oval Brush Set, $30, Amazon

Mac executive Matthew Waitesmith decided that old-school makeup brushes needed a complete overhaul, so he lengthened the handle and made the brush horizontal and oval-shaped, creating a design much more suitable for personal use. It rewrote the standard, causing tons to follow, like this Sancan Professional 10-piece Oval brush set. They’re super soft, really durable, and come with brushes for everything you need, from eyebrows to foundation.

6. Get A Professional-Looking Cut At Home

CreaClip, $30, Amazon

Mai Lieu, who specializes in cosmetics and beauty products, invented the CreaClip, which allows you to get an easy and precise cut right at home. It’s great for snipping your own bangs or trimming split ends, because it holds the hair even or at an angle for a professional-looking cut each time.

7. Stop Damage While Detangling

Tangle Teezer, $11, Amazon

Hairstylist and inventor Shaun Pulfrey created the Tangle Teezer because he wanted a professional-level tool that would easily and effortlessly detangle hair while minimizing damage. Because of its memory-flex technology, it’s gentle on both wet and dry hair, and it adds gloss and shine to hair while giving you a stimulating scalp massage.

8. For Those Times You Wish You Had A Nail File On You

Stylfile Black Emergency Nail File, $13, Amazon

Inventor Tom Pellereau has been coming up with beauty inventions left and right lately, like this Stylfile S-Ped curved foot file. It’s small and compact, but extra-reliable, and because it’s curved unlike regular nail files, it makes it easy to give your nails that natural rounded shape. It also has a protective spiral case that stops it from scratching the other things in your bag.

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