How Karrueche Tran Wears Her ColourPop Collection

It's probably hard for you to pinpoint the exact moment you learned who Karrueche Tran was. It was likely somewhere between a gorgeous magazine cover she graced and her relationship with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown starting or ending. But regardless of how or when, the 28-year-old is distancing herself from what you once knew about her and putting your focus on her most anticipated project to date: Part 2 of KaePop, Karreuche Tran's ColourPop collaboration. It's a four-piece collection of three lip glosses and one liquid matte lipstick. If you're dying to get your hands on it, but are wondering how the creator herself wears her products, allow Tran to walk you through her method herself.

"I take the liners from the previous collection, line [my] lips, fill [them in] a little bit, and then put the gloss on top," Tran tells me over the phone. The glosses are basically sheer versions of the liquid matte lipsticks from her previous collection, so you can combine and wear all of the products together — particularly the lip liners with the lip glosses.

KaePop: Part 2 includes Lychee Me, a pinky nude gloss, Fudg'd, a brown gloss, Stain, a burgundy gloss, and Saigon, a rich red matte lip that was named after her mom's hometown in Vietnam. Tran loves all of her new glossy shades, but is partial to Lychee Me. "It's really nice because if you’re on-the-go, you can easily apply it to your lips and it'll give a nice shine with a tint of light pink," she says.

In a market where matte lips are all the rage, you might be wondering why Tran decided to go the sheer, glossy route instead of creating more matte lippies. "I’m obsessed with regular lip gloss," Tran says. She tells me she used to keep 20 different shades — pink, nude, clear, glittery — in her purse at one time. Plus, while she loves a bold, matte lip, Tran wanted to create something easy for everyday looks.

"With the liquid matte lippies, it takes a bit more patience, so I wanted to do something easier," Tran says. "It looks natural and fresh, and you don’t have to worry about lip stain on your teeth or anything — that’s my favorite."

Tran first collaborated with the Los Angeles-based cosmetics company in January, releasing a gorgeous, 10-piece set, complete with earthy liquid matte lipsticks, rich matte eyeshadows, and warm bronzers and blushes. Although ColourPop has done previous collaborations with celebrities, none created as much buzz on the Internet as Tran's did.

While it just launched on Aug. 25, I'm certain that Part 2 will be no different, and just as successful, if not more. The colors are absolutely perfect for fall and as you can see from her promotional images, they are 100 percent fierce. What's more, they are each going for $6 a pop, which means you can score the entire collection for less than $30. Win.

It's time to forget about the adorable and sweet lip glosses from your middle school days — these sexy, sheer lippies are just as good for brunch with the girls as they are for date night. "There’s something about gloss that I really love," Tran tells me. "It just gives a little extra something, and it’s not too much on the lips. It’s been my all day, every day as of late." Prepare for it to become yours, too, KaePop fans.

Images: ColourPop Cosmetics