Here's Where To Get ISH Beauty's New Face Primer

There was a dark moment in my beauty life when my oily skin turned into the cosmetic equivalent of duck feathers with water rolling off them. Now, I know the value of face primer, which means I'm stoked for the ISH face primer debut. If you've never heard of ISH — which stands for I'm Smoking Hot — it is the brainchild of Joey Maalouf & FabFitFun, so you already know it's going to be bomb.

You may, however, have already heard about ISH Beauty because the face primer is definitely not their first launch. Back in March, the brand debuted with a totally must-have contour kit and a set of matching, gorgeous makeup brushes. Now, ISH is taking things further in terms of their products and launching a primer.

ISH Face Primer, $26, ISH

The ISH Beauty face primer officially launched on Monday, and good news, beauty addicts, it's definitely still available. You can shop the primer over at the ISH website, and if you were concerned about the price, there's nothing to worry about. This baby is comparable to many already existing brands and is cheaper than some. The primer rings in right at $26 over at the website and with a promise to smooth and correct skin, it's totally worth it.

ISH Face Primer, $26, ISH

There's no telling what ISH has up their sleeves next, but with a new primer and a contour kit already available, it seems as though this brand may be steadily expanding. No one is going to complain about that.

As for now, though, you've got the ISH face primer to tide you over until Maalouf and FabFitFun come out with more goodies for cosmetics junkies. So get your credit card ready and head over to the ISH website to shop the primer.

Images: Courtesy of brand