Benefit's New Eye Kit Is So Affordable

From success of popular eyeshadow palettes like Urban Decay's NAKED palettes and Kylie Jenner's KyShadow palette, there's no doubt that other makeup brands have picked up on the trend. Eyeshadow palettes of various colors simplify your makeup routine, and I think the one that's going to take the cake is the new Benefit They're Real! BIG SEXY Eye Kit.

For easy contouring with different eye shadow shades, Benefit has put together a palette collection of three different eyeshadow duos that are mix of nudes, blushes, and browns. Along with the eyeshadow, Benefit's eye kit includes an easy-to-use custom shadowblender brush to simplify contouring on your eyelids. (It's like a baby beauty blender!)

But how much will Benefit's They're Real! BIG SEXY Eye Kit be? At $36, the palette is definitely a steal since you are basically getting six different shadows in one — plus a brush. Using the kit's shadowblender tool is an easy way to get the contouring look for your eyes with the light shadow on the lid and the dark shadow in the crease.

Instead of using different brushes and multiple steps in your eye shadow routine, Benefit's eye kit provides everything, all-in-one. You can create a glam look that will complement your eyeliner and mascara.

Come September, you're going to want to ditch your everyday makeup routine that probably requires several different eye shadows for this easy little kit.

The eye kit is just the right size and even includes a compact mirror to do your makeup while you're on-the-go.

For the exact launch date, follow Benefit Cosmetics on Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Benefit