Benefit's New Lip Kit Will Make Kylie Fans Gasp

When there's a new release of Benefit products, it's almost always guaranteed to be an innovative product packaged with a fun, bold design. It's no different this time with the release of Benefit's They're Real! BIG SEXY Lip Kit. If the cute box that the kit comes in doesn't sell you on purchasing one, the product definitely will.

Inside Benefit's new BIG SEXY lip kit, you will find four tubes of a two-in-one product that includes a lipstick and a lip liner. If you ask me, the product is totally genius and eliminates an extra step in your lipstick routine. But how much is Benefit's Lip Kit anyway? Beginning in October, you will be able to purchase Benefit's lip kit for only $29 — a decent price for four two-in-one lipsticks.

There are four shades in the lip kit that include fall-favorite colors are named Flame Game, Pink Thrills, Revved-Up Red, and Lusty Rose. The kit covers a range of bold colors including bright orange, hot pink, blush pink, and classic red. Benefit's custom teardrop tip on the lipstick makes your lips look fuller and defines the lip line all at the same time. Benefit even guarantees the color to last a full eight hours!

Be on the look out to snag one of these awesome kits in October!

Images: Courtesy of Benefit