Swatches Of The New Kylie Lip Kits Are Gorgeous

On Tuesday, Kylie Cosmetics launched their black and brown Kyliner kits as well as restocked some of the iconic matte lip kits colors. While restocks and launches are insanely exciting, the debut of new Kylie Cosmetics lip kit colors kind of stole the show on Wednesday. The latest additions to the Kylie Jenner cosmetics empire have been a long time coming, and now, fans have finally gotten a look at these stunning matte, liquid lip hues.

Jenner's collection of lip kits is already pretty expansive. With the gorgeous warm toned nude of Exposed, the deep burgundy of Kourt K, and the rich blue of Freedom, there's not much you can't get when it comes to lippies from Kylie Cosmetics. Plus, she's already launched individual lip liners from the lip kits so you can get these beauties in multiple forms. Now, though, there's three more colors to choose from.

As usual, Jenner took to her insanely popular Snapchat to debut the new kits, and the swatches were obviously perfection. From the pink toned peach of Dirty Peach to the wine-stained hue of Love Bite, the lippies are exactly what the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit range needed. Since she's been teasing these bad boys for a while now, it's nice to finally have a look.

Dirty Peach was the first lip kit to hit the internet. With it's orange-pink tone, it was initially similar to Exposed, but after Jenner's swatch, it's clear that this perfect peach is a definite departure — and a gorgeous one.

Second up on Jenner's August lip kit debut list was Brown Sugar. This perfectly formulated brown shade was made specifically for deeper skin tones to use as a nude. However, it's also a great choice for all skin tones.

Plus, as Jenner showed, it's definitely a different shade than her existing brown — True Brown K.

Finally, Jenner showed fans her perfectly autumnal shade of Love Bite. The wine-stain colored lip kit is ideal for anyone searching for their new staple fall color.

While the kit looks more pink the tube, it's definitely got a deeper color when swatched.

Basically, the swatches of Kylie Cosmetics' new lip kit colors have done nothing but make fans even more excited to purchase these perfectly pigmented gems. From peach to wine to brown, the most recent additions to the family were on point. There's little doubt out there now that Jenner's got lippies on lock.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat