Tarte's Big Blush Book 2 Is A Full Blush Wardrobe

Blush doesn't get enough credit. It's such a miracle, transformative product. Sweep two strokes of blush onto the apple of each cheek and BOOM! DONE! When applied correctly, a swipe of blush can wake up your face, skin, and visage with a youthful, flirty flush. Tarte's Big Blush Book 2 is both a sequel and a cult fave. It's pretty much an entire blush wardrobe contained in a singular, circular, hot pink palette. The Blush Book is back with brand new shades that you will so want to play with. It's limited edition and it's all the blush you could ever need. The palette also comes with a $60 price tag. So what's in the Tarte Big Blush Book 2?

You get eight full-sized blushes in a variety of shades. It's a pretty maj collection.

When can you purchase the Tarte Big Blush Book 2? The blush-only palette cruises onto the Tarte site on Wednesday, Aug. 24 at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT.

As the brand notes in the caption of its official Instagram post, the original Tarte Big Blush Book sold out in nanoseconds and they are expecting a reprise. Tartelettes and makeup junkies, do not delay in hopping online and scooping up this new Blush Book! It's going to go quickly.

Don't let some of the bright pink shades scare you. Those shades are concentrated in the pan and you can apply as much as or little as you like. Buff, blend, and build as you wish. Plus, with this palette in your arsenal, you won't need to waste anymore time shopping for blush, because it satisfies all your blush needs. You can focus on other features and products instead. Lastly, the circular shape reminds me of the late Bob Ross' painter's palette since makeup is art.

ICYMI: Tarte also launched a palette with Kardashian makeup artist Hrush Achemyan. The Styled by Hrush palette is another "must get."

Image: Tarte Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Hrush Achemyan/Instagram (1)