9 Curly Hair Products With 1,000+ Amazon Reviews

The internet is a magical place filled with genius YouTube comments, GIFs of animals running into things, and Wikipedia: the only real source I’ll ever need (kidding). However, it’s also filled with great curly hair products — some of which are even hair products that have over 1,000 reviews on Amazon. This is amazing because when it comes to online shopping, the review section is your best friend. Actually, it’s your only friend, granted you’re probably sitting alone at your computer while you load your digital shopping cart, but the good news is that you’ve got all the feedback you could ever want right in front of you.

Whether you’re looking to easily curl your hair or you’ve got natural curls already that could use some definition, finding products and curling tools that actually work can be pretty challenging. For one thing, you’ve got a huge selection to choose from. For another, hot tools can be pretty damaging if you’re not using the higher quality ones, and for another, certain holds and defining creams can leave your locks feeling lumpy and greasy. I reiterate: your best friend, the review section. Check out these great curly hair products that have over 1,000 reviews, so you already know they’re almost as good as accident-prone puppy gifs.

1. Get Easy Curls With No Skill

Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret, $80, Amazon

This moderately new invention, called the Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret, has well over 2,000 reviews because it takes all the skill requirements out of curling your hair. Simply place a section in the clamp, let the machine pull it in, and when it beeps, you’ve got a lovely loose curl. It uses tourmaline ceramic technology to reduce frizz and damage, and people totally love the results.

2. This Curling Wand That Has 5,000+ Reviews

Remington Studio Salon Ceramic Curling Wand, $20, Amazon

This ceramic curling wand from Remington has over a whopping 5,000 reviews, as it’s just that damn good. It’s made with a ceramic pearl barrel to give you the smoothest finish ever, and it heats up to ridiculously high temperatures in a matter of seconds. It’s also clip-less, so no annoying crimps, and it’s got a swivel-cord and heat-protectant end to keep things safe and convenient.

3. Stay Clear Of Burns While You’re Curling

Kiloline Professional Heat Resistant Glove, $4, Amazon

If you’re going to use a curling iron, a heat protective glove makes the whole process so much easier. This Kiloline Professional heat-resistant glove can be used with any hot tool on either hand, and it fits pretty much everyone. Reviewers love it because it’s durable, gives them way more control, and helps to prevent any nasty burns.

4. Nourish And Define Natural Curls With Argan Oil

Argan Oil Hair Repair, $15, Amazon

Curly hair needs way more moisture than straight hair because the natural oils from your scalp have a harder time moving down the hair shaft. Argan Oil Hair Repair works for all types of hair, but it’s especially great for natural curls, as it nourishes and rejuvenates the strands with amazing natural oils. It leaves hair soft, manageable, and defined.

5. Switch Out Your Barrels For Five Different Looks

xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curling Wand, $37, Amazon

If you’re big into changing up your style, this Xtava 5-in-1 curling wand has five interchangeable barrels, so you can go from super tight curls to loose waves in a matter of minutes. It heats up really quickly, has tourmaline barrels to reduce damage, and reviewers say that they’re ridiculously easy to use.

6. Diffuse Your Hair With This Great Dryer

Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer, $32, Amazon

This Conair tourmaline ceramic hair dryer is an awesome dryer all on its own, as it’s got a high-torque DC motor for loads of air flow, ionic technology to prevent damage, and a tourmaline ceramic build to seriously speed up drying time. However, this model comes with a great diffuser that helps you to get defined, bouncy curls with minimal frizz and very little effort.

7. Get A Beachy Look With An Awesome Waver

Bed Head Deep Waver, $17, Amazon

If you’re looking for a lot of texture without much effort, the Bed Head's Deep Waver is your answer. It heats up quickly to give you really cute curls or waves, and it’s got a professional flexi cord and a plate-locking switch to make your life a while lot easier. Reviewers say that it’s simple, but results are impressive and long-lasting.

8. Keep Those Curls In Long-Term

Kenra Volume Spray, $11, Amazon

Curly hair needs adequate hold, especially if your hair isn’t naturally curly to begin with. Kenra's volume spray is a number one best seller because it gives you extremely impressive wind and humidity resistance without clumping, flakes, or heaviness. It works for both thin and thick hair, and one reviewer says that this stuff “has the hold [she needs] to keep [her] curls perfectly curled.”

9. Tackle All The Knots That Come With Curly Hair

Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Detangle Hairbrush, $11, Amazon

Curly hair can be exceptionally difficult to brush, because big knots form fast. The Tangle Teezer hairbrush uses memory flex material to effortlessly brush through wet or dry hair without causing damage or pain. It works out the worst knots in minutes, which is why reviewers are calling it, “A lifesaver of a brush.”

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