Ofra's Chrome Metallic Lippies Are Coming Soon

If you have been keeping up with your beauty news lately, you may have come across a recent post on social media teasing a brand new lip product. That's right, Ofra Cosmetics is launching new metallic liquid lippies featuring a chrome base, and they are about to be your next makeup obsession. When are the Ofra Cosmetics chrome metallic liquid lipsticks coming out? Fortunately, you won't have to wait long to add these beauties to your collection.UPDATE: OFRA Cosmetics has confirmed to Bustle that the chrome metallic liquid lipsticks will officially launch on Friday Sept. 2.

EARLIER: The cosmetics brand took to social media recently with lots of teasers of their stunning new lippies, giving us just enough information to get totally psyched. According to a representative from the label, a total of five chrome lipsticks will be launching, including three double chrome formulas and two triple chrome shades titled "Fantasia," a deep violet, and "Emerald City," a variation of olive green. The lipsticks are pigmented enough to wear on their own, but can also be layered on top of other shades to add some unique metallic sheen.

If you're already dying to get your hands on these shimmery beauties, you're in luck. Ofra's PR rep tells Bustle that the new chrome shades will be available to shop sometime next week, between Aug. 29 and Sept. 2.

I'm totally digging the futuristic quality of these hues.

When it comes to metallic beauty products, Ofra Cosmetics definitely know what they're doing. Their super sparkly Rodeo Drive Highlighter was a huge hit.

This isn't the brand's first venture into metallic lipsticks. They have previously done a range of three vibrant metallics for summer.

These new shades, though, are different than any I've seen before.

Can't wait for these babies to drop!

Image: OfraCosmetics/Instagram