Jaclyn Hill's Go To Makeup Bag Is Super Affordable

When it comes to makeup, beauty vloggers know best. Not only can they guide you towards great products and show you how to use them, but it turns out they can show you how to pack them as well. According to the YouTuber's Snapchat, Jaclyn Hill's go-to travel makeup bag is a must-have and it's actually super affordable. Where can you shop the beauty bag? It's at a familiar online store.

Hill has proved herself to be the master of makeup. She gives awesome tutorials, created the highlighter to end all highlights, and even has her own makeup coming out sometime in 2017. Now she's giving advice of a different kind. Instead of showing off her favorite products or clothes, she shared her go-to travel makeup bag. The YouTuber favors a clear, zip-around bag from Morphe to pack her on-the-go beauty items. It's so good that it holds all her makeup that she needs for the two-week trip, according to Hill.

Honestly, I didn't even know that Morphe sold makeup bags until I went online to see Hill's recommendation. It turns out that her favorite bag is only $20 and available right now online. That's not too bad of a price for a bag that you know works. Plus it's completely see-through, so you can see exactly what you've packed and what you might be missing.

ZMB4 Loader Set Bag, $19.99,

While Hill normally sticks to beauty on her channel, she's talked about branching out to fashion as well. Her makeup bag recommendation might not be the most stylish, but it's nice to see her branching out from just makeup products. Now maybe she'll share some of her go-to purses as well, since they're always on-point.

It turns out this isn't the only bag that Morphe has on their site either. You options are pretty much endless. If you're looking for a different size, but the same quality, here are the others that you can shop.

1. Extra Large

ZMB1 Lugger Set Bag, $39.99,

This one is guarenteed to hold everything you could possibly need.

2. Lots Of Pockets

ZMB2 Packer Set Bag, $29.99,

If you're into something smaller with lots of pockets, then this is the one for you.

3. Short And Wide

ZMB3 Roomy Bag Set, $24.99,

This is the perfect size to slip inside a larger bag.

4. Simple Packing

ZMB5 Tidy Set Bag, $9.99,

This one is for all the people looking to just throw your products in a bag and go.

5. Super Organized

ZMB7 Collector Set Bag, $17.99,

It doesn't get much more organized than this.

6. Handle-less

ZMB8 Taker Set Bag, $11.99,

There's no handles to this design, so you could easily slip it into a carry-on.

7. Double Straps

ZMB9 Stowy Set Bag, $14.99,

Or you could opt to make the makeup bag your carry on.

There's truly a makeup bag for everyone!

Images: jaclynhill/Instagram (1), (8)