How To Braid Even The Slipperiest Hair

There are few things more frustrating than trying to recreate a cool braided look you fell in love with on someone else, only to find out your hair just isn't into holding onto the 'do. While fine hair has plenty of benefits (it's almost always shiny and definitely won't weigh you down as much in the summer) styling it in any way other than how it dries naturally can be a true pain in the butt.

But, my fellow slippery haired humans, there is hope for us yet. In the video below, Wella Top Artist Alexandra Matiz offers up a few sneaky, easy to do tips for getting the plait of your dreams on a fine head of hair. The biggest key is to give your strands the support they need: Using products that add grit and grip will make an instantly noticeable difference when you go in for the fishtail. But even after you've added your texture spray of choice, there are still a few steps you can take to ensure your braid stays in place for longer than your commute to the office.

Check out the video below for Matiz's expert tips, plus some product recommendations to make your life a whole lot easier.