Kylie's 3 New Lip Kit Shades Are Gorgeous

Summer is winding down, and as the days get colder, there's at least one thing to look forward to as fall approaches — Kylie Jenner's new August lip kits. If you're a beauty junkie who follows Kylie Cosmetics news, you know this summer has been full of new product launches, from summer lip kit shades to her blue Fourth of July shades to her insane Birthday Collection. She's not showing any signs of slowing down, and today Jenner announced three brand new matte lip kit shades. And let me tell you — they're absolutely gorgeous.

On her Snapchat today, Jenner showed the three new shades for the first time, told fans what they're called and swatched them, then she posted even more pics to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram. So what are the three August matte shades? They're called Dirty Peach, Brown Sugar and Love Bite, and they couldn't be more different from each other.

Dirty Peach is a classic peach shade, but it's not too bright. It manages to look completely sophisticated. Brown Sugar is a caramel-toned brown that looks amazing on deep skin tones, but it's great on lighter skintones as well. Finally, Love Bite is a wine-colored shade with some gorgeous berry tones.

Here's all the shades together. They're coming out so soon — this Friday, Aug. 26 at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET.

Dirty Peach

Here's Dirty Peach on.

Gorgeous, right?

It looks amazing on all of them.

Brown Sugar

Here's Brown Sugar.

Brown Sugar compared to True Brown.

How good does that look?

Love Bite

Looks a little brown in the tube, right?

It dries to this gorgeous wine-colored hue.

Love it. Luckily these shades will be here soon, because I don't know how long Jenner's fans could wait for them to hit the shelves.

Image: @kyliecosmetics/Instagram