The Brown Sugar Lip Kit Is Special For This Reason

The Kylie Lip Kit repertoire is full of nudes and neutrals in different depths, dimensions, and tones. Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit shades are designed to suit a variety of moods and looks. If you want a cool, light nude, you can slick lips with the Maliboo Lip Kit. Desire a deep beige nude? Then you will want to rock the Dolce K Lip Kit on your pout. ISO a warm, mid-tone nude? Well, the Exposed Lip Kit belongs on your pucker. The Candy and Koko Lip Kits are pinky nudes, as well. There is no shortage of nude options in the brand's offerings. Kylie Jenner just revealed her latest nude Lip Kit, named "Brown Sugar." It's a special shade, since it's a lovely nude that never looks muddy. It also nods to the '90s, which is the decade of Jenner's birth and when brown lips reigned supreme. But this richly pigmented, velvety liquid lippie is special for another reason.

The Brown Sugar Lip Kit, which goes on sale on Friday, Aug. 26 at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT, is special because Jenner designed it with dark skin tones in mind. In one of her brand's official Instagram posts revealing the shade, Jenner wrote, "I created this kit to achieve the perfect nude for deeper skin tones! But I think it also looks amazing on everyone. I love this shade!"

She's not kidding. Brown Sugar slays when paired with darker skin. What a sultry, smoldering lip look! It's absolutely breathtaking and so smoochable.

But as Jenner also noted, Brown Sugar works with fair skin, as well. The back-to-back comparison allows you to appreciate the depth and versatility of her newest nude shade.

Jenner's late August Lip Kit trio is way lovely. There are two nudish tones and one plummy mauve. They are all gorge.

Brown Sugar is a beauty. If you want to go with a deeper shade but don't want to go too dark, you can ease into it with Brown Sugar.

It's such a delish shade.

Brown Sugar and True Brown K are sister shades in the same color family.

If you have darker skin and want a nude that isn't chalky and that offers a subtle pop against your skin, you may have found your nude lip Holy Grail with Brown Sugar. Lighter-skinned ladies can sweeten their lips with Brown Sugar, too!

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3); Kylie Jenner Snapchat (3)