Too Faced's Heart -Shaped Compacts Are Too Cute

Heart. That's a favorite shape for Too Faced Cosmetics packaging. Some of the brand's compacts and product pans are heart-shaped. The Too Faced x Kat Von D Beauty "Better Together" mashup palette, which features two magnetically connected halves and boasts offerings from each brand, is heart-shaped. Now, the tease master known as Too Faced co-founder Jerrod Blandino shared a shot of pale pink, heart-shaped compacts on his personal Instagram. I love and collect heart-shaped stuff, so Blandino just made my freakin' day. I'm in simply due to the shape of this pile of compacts, which looks like makeup candy. But what's inside the new Too Faced Heart Compacts?

Well, we don't know for sure. Blandino, who loves to keep us guessing, did not reveal what the compacts contain. But I have a good guess. Is it blush? A highlighter? Eyeshadow? Pressed powder? Lipstick? It could be anything, really.

But I think it could be the Funfetti blush.

First, let's have a look at the heart-shaped compacts, which are glossy and come in the brand's signature, candy floss hue. "Candy floss" is basically cotton candy pink, BTW. Then we can speculate what's inside based on clues, comments on the post, and a tweet.

OMG, I want to dive in and swim with these babies! The photo doesn't offer any further hints. You can see a tiny portion of the label on the back of the packaging, but the details are hidden. Foiled!

Too Facers and beauty junkies speculated that these are the Funfetti Blushes that Blandino also teased over four months ago. Back then, he shared a shot of the prototype shades on paper, which were heart-shaped and looked like mosaics. At the time, some fans said they looked like pepperoni! Now, fans remembered the Funfetti tease upon seeing the compacts.

Fans seem to have figured it out.

It would make sense if these heart-shape cases hold heart-shaped blushes.

Also, TrenDMooD tweeted this update. So it's likely that the heart-shaped compacts contain the Funfetti blushes.

There is a Funfetti Collection happening at HSN, which is confirmed by another recent Blandino Instagram photo post. His earlier Funfetti tease also tagged HSN, suggesting that was the retailer for set. I think we're onto something...

Whatever the case, I'm excited.

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (3)