6 Things Your Waxer Wants You To Know

Getting waxed can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if it's your first time. Even if you've had too many waxes to count, getting waxed regularly isn't the most relaxing of experiences. So you might be interested to discover a bunch of things your waxer wants you to know, to enable the process to run more smoothly.

It’s not often you hear people exclaiming how wonderful their last wax was, but that’s not to say you should be dissuaded from getting a wax. Personally, my friends who get waxed regularly always rave about how convenient the process is and how it gets easier each time, plus waxing is way better for the environment. I dread to think of the amount of razors I’ve used in my lifetime so far, not to mention the amount of razors that the entire population of the world uses per year! So if you’re a low maintenance gal who likes to keep fuzz-free and who’s into saving the environment, it may be time you made waxing a regular thing.

So I spoke with Board Certified NYC Dermatologist Dr. Kally Papantoniou about things your waxer wants you to know, so that you can get the most out of your next wax.

1. Don’t Be Shy

Dr. Papantoniou says, "Trust me, if you are not going to a professional waxer due to feeling self-conscious, you should not let this get in your way to being hair-free, they have seen it all and are not judging you." This is will likely come as a relief to anyone who's new to waxing – so don't worry, they've seen it all before!

2. Stop Using Retinol Or Glycolic Acid Before Your Wax

In terms of what not to do before your appointment, Dr. Papantoniou tells me there are products you should steer clear of in the days preceding your wax. She says, "Stop using any retinol or glycolic acid containing products to the area for about one week prior to getting waxed. This goes for anything that may be abrasive, such as exfoliating with a scrub." Check the back of your beauty products if you're a little uncertain about their ingredients.

3. Put A Temporary Ban On Tan

"Don't go in with a tan, or go tanning in the next week after having a wax." Dr. Papantoniou informs me. Instead she recommends folks, "Protect the areas with sunscreen – they are more vulnerable to a burn or discoloration."

4. Steer Clear Of Tight Clothing

"Don't wear tight fitting clothing after a waxing. Choose instead loose fitting cottons and skirts if possible (depending on area waxed)." Dr. Papantoniou tells me. Because nobody wants to cause unnecessary chafing on potentially tender areas.

5. Replace Bathing With Showering

Dr. Papantoniou says, "Don't sit in a tub for three days after or go into a public pool or hot tub," she explains, "you will be at higher risk for a skin infection." In the interim, she recommends to, "Take showers instead, they are more hygienic."

6. Allow Your Skin Time To Heal Before Undergoing Additional Treatments

When you've just had multiple hairs ripped from your skin, it's not the ideal time to be booking in further heavy-duty treatments. "Don't have chemical peel or laser treatment to the areas that were waxed for two weeks," Dr. Papantoniou tells me, "allow time for the skin to heal before having any serious treatments and let the doctor or aesthetician know what you have recently had done to your skin." Give your skin a break before putting it through any more stress.

So take heed of this advice and your wax is sure to go smoothly, in more ways than one!

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