12 Super Easy Halloween Headbands & Accessories

Halloween is my holiday. I say that without an ounce of exaggeration. I live for the ghouls, ghosts, and goblins — but mostly for the costumes. Not everyone feels the same, though. For people who don't know what to wear when you hate wearing costumes (these people exist exist), there are always easy Halloween headbands and accessories. It makes me sad to think that there are people who don’t go all out for Halloween, but I get it. Not everyone wants to spend months planning elaborate coordinating Halloween costumes. It takes time, effort, and sometimes, even a lot of money.

Easy Halloween headbands, on the other hand, do not. They’re great to slip on for when you want to participate in the fanfare of Halloween without actually committing. And the great thing is, you can be anything you want with just a headband or accessory. With this spiked crown you can be a dark goth princess, or with this headband you can channel your inner magical unicorn. You can even throw this feathered cape over an all black outfit for a Maleficent-esque costume that takes less than five minutes to put together. I know I can’t force you to love Halloween and its costumes the way I do, but if you’re someone who hates all-out costumes, try these Halloween headband ideas and get in on some of the spooky fun.

1. Party Like It's The Roaring '20s

Deco Flapper Feather Headband Silver and Black, $48, Amazon

This flapper girl headband makes for an instantly recognizable Great Gatsby costume!

2. Put A Little Hop Into Halloween With These Bunny Ears

Party Rabbit Ears Hair Bands Lace Veil Personality Hair Accessories, $18, Amazon

These sexy bunny ears are the easiest addition to an all-black outfit for a seductive costume — if that's how you want to do Halloween.

3. A Dark Romantic Goth Headband For Halloween

ANTLERS, ROSES and BEADS headband, $39, Amazon

Let your inner romantic goth out for Halloween with this beautiful (but dark) headband.

4. I Choose You, Pikachu!

Rubies Pikachu Costume Kit, $15, Amazon

If you as obsessed with Pokémon Go as the rest of the world, this is the perfect no fuss costume.

5. A Free Spirited Flower Crown — That Lights Up!

Sunflower LED Light Up Flower Crown, $25, Amazon

Flower power, baby! Whether you're going as a festival queen or a free-spirited hippie, this light-up crown is the perfect headband.

6. Channel Your Inner Unicorn

Unicorn Horn Headband with Multi Colored Felt Roses, $30, Amazon

Feeling like a magical, mythical, glittery unicorn? This handmade headband is for you.

7. Yas, Kween!

Women's Regal Mini Jeweled Crown Headband, $14, Amazon

You're a queen, and Halloween is the perfect time to let everyone know — all you need is the bejeweled crown!

8. A Spiky Crown For A Dark Queen

TRINITY Crown Spiked Headband, $26, Amazon

If you're feeling like a badass witch, rock Halloween out with this spiked headband.

9. Glam Glitter Kitty Ears

Anna Belen Girls "Kitty" Glitter Cat Ears Headband, $15, Amazon

If glamour is what you're going for, these glittery kitty ears scream "Pop Princess" realness!

10. Woodland Fairy Flower Crown

Valdler Natural Berries Reeds Flower Crown, $16, Amazon

If you want something a little more storied than a regular flower crown, try this one for a woodland fairy-esque costume.

11. A Spooky Feathered Cape

Zucker Feather Products Rooster Coque Feather Cape, Black Iridescent, $30, Amazon

This cape is dark, mysterious, and easy to throw on over an all-black outfit for a very Maleficent vibe.

12. A Bejeweled Pair Of Crystal Cat Ears

Crystal Cat Ears, $18, Amazon

This headband is purrrr-fect for an instantly elegant cat costume.

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