Jaclyn Hill's Back-To-School Giveaway Is Coming

When Jaclyn Hill plans a makeup tutorial or a full-on makeup line, she does it big. The same goes for her giveaways. According to her Twitter, Hill is doing a back-to-school giveaway for her subscribers, and she's asking for her fans' help. There's no word yet on what products will be given out, but Hillsters have some great ideas.

If you're sad about the back-to-school season beginning, you won't be after this exciting news. Hill is planning something big for her subscribers, and it involves a whole lot of goodies. It's not every day that the queen of highlight puts together gifts for fans, but it looks like it's going to be major. According to her Twitter, she wants to spoil her Hillsters. Whether that means school supplies or tons of makeup, I don't know. I sure am hoping for the later though.

The last time Hill did a giveaway, it was for her Champagne Pop Collection. It came as a complete surprise to her fans, but this time she's going about things a little differently. The YouTuber took to Twitter to ask her fans exactly what they'd like to win in the giveaway. While some people kept it to makeup products, others were thinking a little more out of the box. Whatever Hill decides to put in her giveaway, odds are that you know it's going to be great.

Hill might not have said what will be in the giveaway, but Hillsters have some great ideas. From laptops to specific makeup collection, fans have requested it all. Here are some of their best responses.

Amen to that.

I can only hope.


People even want her pups.

A goodie bag of all her ride or die products would be great.

Another on-point idea.

Help a Hillster out.

I can't wait to see what's in the giveaway!

Image: jaclynhill/Instagram (1)