Illuminate By Ashley Makeup Brushes Are On The Way

by Augusta Statz

Your makeup collection’s just not up to par without all of the proper tools. Sure, you’ve got your creams and your powders, but without those blenders and brushes, your beauty routine would be a mess. So, you definitely need to know when Ashley Tisdale’s Illuminate makeup brushes come out. Because she’s already given you incredible products to love, and now you just need the proper way to get them on that face of yours!

The Illuminate By Ashley collection’s already got everything you need to add color to your face and body, help you glow like a goddess and slick some shine on your pout. Plus, with Tisdale’s plans to launch a holiday palette, having some brushes in the mix seems like the next logical step for this beauty mogul.

Tisdale teased the new brushes on Instagram with the caption “Soon. VERY soon!” An official launch date has yet to be released, but Bustle has reached out to the brand to confirm exactly when they'll be available to shop. You’ll definitely need to get your hands on these to complete your Illuminate Cosmetics collection. Because once you have all of your supplies, your beauty regimen and your life, in general, will be complete, you know what I mean? I have a feeling you do!

Aren't they pretty? I love the turquoise handles. These are going to look amazing on your vanity.

There's a brush for all of your makeup needs.

When it comes to looking incredible day in and day out, Tisdale's got you covered.

Whether you're going in with color for your eyes and cheeks or adding shine to your pucker, Illuminate By Ashley will do just the trick.

Beach Goddess Eye & Cheek Palette, $18, Illuminate Cosmetics

In fact, if you don't already own some of the Illuminate goodies, you better go ahead and stock up. You're going to need some gorgeous powders to dip those brushes in, after all.

Illuminating Shimmer, $9, Illuminate Cosmetics

Might as well get some highlighter while you're at it so you can put that fan brush to good use!

Shop these items and more on the Illuminate By Ashley website and get ready to snag those brushes as soon as they're available.

Images: Courtesy Illuminate Cosmetics (2)