Twitter Reacts To Kylie’s August Lip Kits' Sale

It's official. They're here, and they're gorgeous. The new Kylie Jenner August lip kits colors are on sale. The new Kylie lip kit colors are on the market, and according to Twitter, it's both hard to resist them yet also easy to resent them. Fans of the brand are obviously scrambling to get their hands on Love Bite, Dirty Peach, and Brown Sugar, and to their surprise, none of the new lip kits had sold out as of press time.

In the past, lip kits have sold out within minutes of their launch time. However, on Friday, during the August lip kit launch, the shades seem to be sticking around. According to Jenner's Snapchat earlier in the week, though, she admitted to creating greater quantities of lip kit so that more fans could get their hands on them. Based on the internet reactions, they seem to be pretty stoked about Jenner's decision — and her new shades.

Earlier this week, Jenner showcased the colors launched on Friday. Love Bite, a stunning wine-stained hued lip is easily the perfect shade for fall. Then, there's Brown Sugar, a shade formulated specifically to work as a nude for deeper skin tones but that can be worn by anyone. Lastly, there's Jenner's ultra-unique matte peach aptly named Dirty Peach. The three new lip kits couldn't be more different, but maybe that's why fans were so excited on Twitter.

So how are Kylie Cosmetics fans reacting on Twitter? It's honestly a bit mixed.

1. The Pumped

More lip kits, more chances to snag it.

2. The Desperate

It is a killer shade, after all.

3. The Torn

One can be done. Two is pushing it.

4. The Ecstatic

Get that brown lippie, girl.

5. The Pleased

More stock, more kits for you.

6. The Surprised

Dirty Peach would make anyone want to buy.

7. The In Love

With more stock, gorgeous new hues, and a devotion to Kylie Cosmetics, fans are obviously excited. However, as usual, the price is lamentable to some. However, everyone can appreciate the beauty of the new shades.