These 7 Makeup Bags Are Crazy Stylish

Whether it's a quick trip to a friend's home over a weekend or you're planning an epic vacation, cosmetics junkies need to find the best way to bring their makeup essentials with them. That's why these seven makeup bags for travel are so important to have on your to buy list. From smaller sizes for your every day essentials to full on kits for when you're taking longer trips, there's a makeup bag out there for everyone that'll give you the style and storage you're craving.

While every makeup lover has their perfect storage method — even if it's throwing your mascaras into a drawer — getting the best bag for travel is essential if you plan to make a long trip. No one wants to get to their destination with a busted compact or a spilled liquid foundation in your poor carry-on bag. Plus, makeup bags and organizers have seemingly been on people's minds lately.

Just a few days ago, Jaclyn Hill showed off a super sized Morphe makeup bag that didn't just hold her every day products but the vast majority of her collection for nearly two weeks on a trip to Los Angeles. Plus, the Kylie Cosmetics makeup bag made waves when it was launched with the Birthday Collection inspiring many to find alternatives for the logo covered bag.

So if you didn't snag a Kylie Cosmetics makeup bag but are looking for a travel-perfect way to organize your makeup, I've got some options.

1. Morphe

ZMB4 "Loader Set Bag, $20, Morphe Brushes

If it's good enough for Jaclyn Hill, it's good enough for me.

2. Make Me

Make Me Light Weight Hanging Toiletry Travel Bag, $20, Amazon

With a compartment in the bottom but a tab open to hang from a door and hold products, this bag is a makeup lover's dream.

3. Tartan + Twine

Tartan + Twine Iris Rhode Hanging Valet Print, $12, ULTA

You can't got wrong with a multi-pocket drop bag down.

4. Caboodles

Caboodles Adored 4 Tray Train Case, $27, Amazon

Caboodles have been around for a while, and this multi-tray masterpieces show exactly why.

5. Pockettrip

Pockettrip Clear Cosmetic Makeup Bag Toiletry Travel Kit Organizer, $8, Amazon

A space for brushes and plenty of room for products? Yes, please.

6. Tartan + Twine

Basics Word Just A Girl Who Loves Makeup Organizer, $12, ULTA

Looking for something a bit smaller for an overnight trip? This adorable bag is perfect.

7. DuaFire

Cosmetic Bag Double Layer Dot Pattern Travel Toiletry Bag Organizer With Mirror, $7, Amazon

Multi-level and with a mirror? Adding this to a cart right now.

With these adorable and practical makeup bag, you can rest assured that your highlight won't break and your foundation won't run.

Images: Courtesy of brands