Christina Aguilera's 7 Wildest VMA Looks

If there was one thing we could have counted on our pop princesses for in the early 2000s, it was to bring on the hotness. And no princess brought it quite like Xtina. Just look at Christina Aguilera's VMAs outfits throughout history and you'll see what I mean. From body-glittered abs to loin cloth-like dresses, her ensembles seemed to top each other as every year passed and a new red carpet opportunity was presented.

It all started in 1999, when the singer walked into the event wearing a miniskirt, platform boots, and a sheer leopard print number that was accented with hot pink lace. From then on, things only got braver and more experimental.

At a certain point, Christina Aguilera was seemingly taken over by Xtina, and we were all in for a wild whirlwind ride of chunky highlights, body chains, corsets being worn as shirts, thigh-high boots replacing pants, and belts masquerading as denim skirts. It was basically amazing.

If you don't remember every VMA outfit Aguilera has stupefied us with, then you're in luck. Below are seven of her wildest VMA looks of all time. I dare you to look back and not whisper out the lyrics to the appropriately-titled song "Dirrty."

1. 1999


The pop princess rolled up on-scene with a sheer leopard top accented with hot pink lace, with a matching silk jacket to boot. While this wasn't the raunchiest we've seen Aguilera in, this look hinted at how she might have been the first pop idol to break away from a sugary clean reputation and into arguably more interesting territories.

2. 2000


And the ante had been upped. This outfit looked more like a Jersey Shore-approved beach cover-up than a red carpet frock, which was exactly what made it so perfect.

3. 2001


From the untied lingerie strap to the body chain that made us realize her pants were being held up with nothing more than a hope and a prayer, Aguilera's VMA outfit pointed out everything that was amazing about early 2000s fashion: It was trashy, but in such a fun way.

4. 2002


This look remains iconic. Here was Aguilera's transformation into Xtina. When she walked across that VMA stage wearing nothing but a hammock for her boobs and an enviably short denim skirt, much of the world stood up and applauded.

5. 2003

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This peacock of a dress was teeny-tiny, flashy, and featured just enough hints of see-through fabric to seem both barely-there and over-the-top at the same time.

6. 2003

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Xtina basically transformed into Xena here, and I am still into it. The girl knew how to rock a leather bustier, that's for sure.

7. 2004

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This was when Xtina stepped off stage to make room for Aguilera's new alter-ego, the 1920s starlet. While most of her looks during that time veered towards the classy and Old Hollywood-esque, they were often accented with sexy details. Case in point: Although this dress might have appeared flapper-like in the front, it was barely-there in the back.

Aguilera has gone through many different aesthetics through her years of performing, but the daring and oftentimes scandalous ones have, IMO, always been inspiring and exciting to see.