Beyonce's Performance Outfit Was Lemonade Inspired

Beyonce has had plenty of iconic VMAs performances in her day. Her latest surprise on-stage appearance fit right in with the rest. Completely slaying it as always, Beyonce wore multiple outfits for her 2016 VMAs performance. This might have been an unexpected show, but her outfits were very similar to the styles seen on her visual album.

There pretty much isn't anything that Queen Bey can't completely rock and her on-stage outfit was proof of that. She took the VMAs stage for an surprise performance looking as Lemonade as ever. Beyonce loves her bodysuits, but this time she covered up with a fur cape before stepping into her iconic trend. It all happened pretty fast, which was surprising to pretty much everyone watching.

Not to mention her fabulous details. She looked great stomping around the stage in her knee-high boots. She even brought her baseball bat out and took a swing at the cameras. Her hair was completely on-point too. She wore her natural curls in a half-up ponytail. Compared to her Lemonade visual album, these looks could have stepped right out of the video. You just have to see all the different outfits for yourself, because each one was totally Queen Bey Style.

It all started with the iconic Lemonade hat.

Then she came out looking like an angel.

She looks angelic at the beginning, but soon traded it in for an edgier look.

The fur bodysuit was her typical Queen Bey vibes.

It all ended with a fuzzy jacket.

Basically, Bey gave her fans a free mini-concert.