Kylie Jenner Didn't Make It To The 2016 VMAs

by Melanie Richtman

Following a quick trip to Las Vegas with Tyga and his son Cairo this weekend, Kylie Jenner decided to skip the 2016 VMAs. Unfortunately, this means we will not be seeing Jenner's A+ style on the red carpet. But never fear! The social media queen took to Instagram to share a pic of the early-2000s outfit she's wearing instead of her red carpet threads.

Jenner made the decision to skip the 2016 VMAs because, according to her tweets, she has a trip planned to New York City only next week and she just didn't want to be away from home for so long. That is totally fair, if you ask me, because as a young, in-demand celeb, Jenner is almost always on-the-go. So instead of hitting the red carpet on Aug. 28, King Kylie stayed home and lounged around in a Von Dutch sports bra and matching skirt, which is so early-2000s I can barely handle it.

I must say, Jenner can really pull off this look. Generally, I feel like the 2000s are looked down upon in the sartorial world, but Jenner made a pretty convincing argument for Von Dutch with her sports bra and coordinating skirt.

It's really only a matter of time before the 2000s are back in full force, especially considering how aggressively the '90s made a comeback in 2016.

It's kind of cool, right?