You Can Get Rihanna's 2016 VMAs Hood By Air Shirt

The best thing about Rihanna's style is that it's attainable and accessible on the street level. That means it's legit. She wears things you can actually buy. Rihanna opened the 2016 VMAs in a pink ensemble and you can purchase one of the pieces she wore. The singer and style influencer rocked a Hood By Air ringer bodysuit, although it looked like a shirt. She gave the brand a whole lot of publicity in the space of five minutes. Since RiRi-endorsed fashions tend to become instantly desirable, Hood By Air can expect an uptick in sales. Where can you buy Rihanna's 2016 VMAs Hood by Air shirt... before it inevitably sells out?

Well, the ringer bodysuit is currently available in red and white at the Hood By Air site. It wouldn't be the oddest thing in the world if Rihanna's pink bodysuit was custom-created for her 2016 VMAs performance. But you can totally copy the style if not the color.

It'll cost you a cool $215 and will look cute with jeans! Bodysuits were big in the '90s and were often paired with vests. They're coming back around again and Rihanna is leading the charge.

Also, if you are not down with a bodysuit, there is a similar t-shirt version that will let you get the Rihanna 2016 VMAs look for your own personal street style, yo!


Here's how Rihanna rocked it.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She slayed it, because duh.

Cookie Ringer Bodysuit, $215, Hood By Air

If Rihanna wore it while performing at the VMAs, you can IRL, too.

Cookie Ringer Tee, $190, Hood By Air

I know, nearly $200 is pretty pricy for a t-shirt... even as one as cool and classic as this. If you want to splurge and replicate Rihanna's VMAs look, well, you have that option.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Once more... with feeling.

Images: Courtesy Hood By Air (2)