This Is What's In The Kylie Lip Kit Bundle

Because sometimes you just need and want them all. Kylie Jenner launched three new Lip Kit shades that are perfect for fall in the form of the works-with-all-skin tones Brown Sugar, the is-what-its-name-suggests Dirty Peach, and the plummy mauve Love Bite. The shades look inspired by pre-existing Lip Kit hues and are welcome additions to the Kylie Lip Kit family. Jenner is offering all three new Lip Kit colors as a bundle via her site, which is the brand's sales platform. The trio is $87 as a bundle and isn't sold out.... yet! So what's in the Kylie Lip Kit bundle?

Well, the bundle includes both the liquid lipstick and the creamy liner liner in each shade. Therefore, it's six pieces and lots of options, since you can mix and match different liquid lippies with other liners or you can mix the lipsticks to come up with a custom color. Or you can do an ombre lip! So there is plenty of fun inherent in the Kylie Lip Kit bundle.

But given the fact that Kylie Lip Kits are $29 a piece and include the liquid lippie and liner, the bundle isn't a steal nor does it offer any sort of discount.

The only way that the Lip Kit bundle saves you money is with shipping. If you buy all three at once, you only have to pay the shipping cost, which is $8.95, one time. The shipping brings the bundle total up to $95.95. It also saves some aggravation, since you only need to go through the shopping process once. So there's that. If it's a deal that you seek, well, that's not what this bundle is about.

While you get three awesome Lip Kits in this bundle, you aren't getting any sort of savings. But if you have the budget and the desire to paint your pucker with all three shades, or are already dreaming of pairings, then you may as well grab the bundle in one fell swoop.

You really can't go wrong with any of these fresh shades.

That is the contents of the bundle in black and white via the Kylie Cosmetics site. Happy shopping, Lip Kit lovers.

Images: Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics (2); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3)