The Best Deals In ColourPop's Summer Clearance

by Rosie Narasaki

With summer rapidly shifting to fall, it looks like ColourPop is clearing shelves to make way for new shades. So, what are the best deals in ColourPop's summer clearance sale? Well, with 20 percent being offered across the board, it's not quite as if some products will technically be a better deal than others — but there are some that you might want more, and that all comes down to personal preference.

After all, if you're really bold and daring, you might want to grab the deep burgundy Lippie Stix in Dalia, or the sparkly bright green eyeshadow in Empire — and someone with a more subdued palette might fall in love with the gorgeously ethereal Teasecake highlighter. No matter what your preferences are though, you should head over to the sale fast. After all, it started at 10 a.m. PT today, and only goes as long as supplies last — and knowing ColourPop's popularity, that won't be long (in fact, some shades are already out of stock).

Details are still forthcoming about the sale across ColourPop's various social media channels — and as you might expect, Snapchat (follow: colourpopco) is especially good for rapid-fire updates. The brand has already revealed some of their favorite sale shades there, and they said that they might showcase more shades (as well as potential updates) via the popular app throughout the day.

With eyeshadows, lip pencils, Lippie Stix, pencil eyeliners going for a paltry $4, Ultra Satin Lips, Ultra Matte Lips, and creme eyeliners going for $4.80, and highlighters going for $6.40, you pretty much can't go wrong — you're getting a good deal across the board.

Have you hit the sale yet? Scored any of the great deals? If you haven't yet, run like the wind over to the summer clearance event before it's too late!

Images: colourpopcosmetics/Instagram