How To Blend Kylie's Lip Kits Like Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner may have come out with new August lip kit shades, a Kyshadow palette, and Kyliners, but that hasn't stopped her from getting creative with some of her older products. Kylie lip kits blends seem to be all the rage if you hop over to the youngest Jenner's app. She's not talking about how you apply her matte and gloss lippies, either. Jenner is bringing all new colors to the lip kit line by blending her existing shades to create gorgeous custom looks.

In one of her latest videos on her website, Jenner confesses to commonly mixing her lip kits to create new shades. However, she's not just letting fans know it's possible. In the video, models combine some of Jenner's most common mixable shades, and the results are totally gorgeous. Plus, with most of the Kylie lip kits still available on the Kylie Cosmetics site, there's no reason not to try some of Jenner's blended colors.

In the video, Jenner blends Kourt K and King to create a golden purple, Dolce and King to craft a golden nude, and 22 and Posie for a fuchsia hue. However, Jenner showcases several other combinations that result in ultra-unique shades that aren't actually real members of the Kylie Cosmetics family.

Jenner is stopping there, though. She wants lip kit fans to hashtag their favorite combinations with #KylieLipKitBlends. So far, fans have been somewhat mum on their blends, but with the newness of the video, they're surely coming.

Jenner has more blends over at her website, and with the incredible shade range that Kylie Cosmetics has developed, the possibilities are practically endless. So, if there's a shade you've been wanting Jenner to develop, but she hasn't quite done it yet, a lip kit blend could be your answer.

So while you're experimenting with your Kylie Cosmetics lip kit blends, don't forget to head over to the Kylie Cosmetics to snag some of the still available kits. So far, there's been no blends with the latest August shades, so be the first!