Blac Chyna's 'PAPER' Magazine Cover Is Gorg

Blac Chyna hasn't been able to escape the headlines recently, but she's making them for exceptionally positive reasons. Whether it's her pregnancy or her upcoming reality television show with fiance Rob Kardashian, she's been everywhere. The latest headline-making news? Blac Chyna's PAPER magazine cover that has her featured prominently on the glossy, cradling her baby-to-be.

Chyna's stunning cover of PAPER has the upcoming star of Rob & Chyna channeling The Birth of Venus. In no clothing, Chyna sits on a stool as she looks austerely at the camera, face glowing and with her baby bump in full view. Her signature floral tattoos run alongside her legs and along her expanding belly. Long, blonde locks cover her chest in a moment that seems to clearly be an homage to the famous Botticelli painting. Completing the look, Chyna wears a vibrant gold headpiece and choker by H. Crowne.

The look some how manages to strike a perfect balance between being demure and sexy, but with an angelic quality. It's undoubtedly different than soon-to-be sister-in-law, Kim Kardashian West's own cover of PAPER, but each cover is spectacular in its own way. Blac Chyna's cover just happens to come on the heels of a media frenzy.

Here's what it looks like:

And here's what the Boticelli painting looks like:

Fairly similar, right?

For PAPER, Chyna went totally body positive, taking her stance about pregnancy body shaming to a gorgeous high. Previously, Chyna has spoken out after receiving criticism for her body and wardrobe. In a comment on Instagram, she wrote, " I AM HAVING A BABY! Exactly what do you expect to see?!"

Now, Chyna is showcasing her pregnant body and looking stunning doing it for PAPER. Let people say what they will about Chyna, she has always spoken out about issues of body positivity and slut-shaming, and seeing her looking flawless on this cover is exactly the thing I want to see.

Images: PAPER Magazine