Here's How To Get Kylie's Ripped Jeans Look

Leave it up to the Kardashian-Jenner Clan to be bold enough to try out the latest trends, even if that means wearing some clothes that might seem questionable. Kylie Jenner's latest outfit on Instagram features racy ripped jeans, and if you're willing to try the trend here's how you can buy Jenner's jeans that have holes in the back.

If you've been loving the ripped jeans trend as much as I have, you may be surprised to see that the rips have now made it to the back of jeans, right under the butt cheek area. Of course you can DIY ripped jeans if you have an old pair, but sometimes a store-bought pair has the perfect amount of distressed elements that can be hard to emulate on your own.

There's no doubt the ripped jeans trend stems from '90s denim apparel like jean jackets and overalls. Ripped jeans can give the perfect amount of texture or flair to an outfit without overdoing the look. Don't be scared to try a pair with an exaggerated rip or hole because if Jenner can pull it off, you definitely can too. It's especially easy to accessorize a pair of distressed jeans because you can wear them with just a simple t-shirt (like Jenner) or dress it up with a silk cami.

If you're as bold as Jenner, give the booty rips a try.

To find your perfect pair, I've rounded up a few suggestions for you:

1. Karolina High-Rise Jean

Carolina High-Rise Jean, $248, Revolve

This pair may be on the more expensive side, but it has the perfect amount of rips and the one on the back isn't as risqué as Jenner's

2. Boohoo Thigh Rip Jean

Boohoo Thigh Rip Jean, $44, ASOS

If you're not ready to rock the rips on the back to bare some skin, then you can opt for larger rips on the front.

3. Urban Renewal Shredded Jean

Urban Renewal Shredded Jean, $79, Urban Outfitters

Instead of skinny jeans, try a pair of boyfriend jeans that have almost the same rips as Jenner's pair.

Images: kyliejenner/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Brands (3)