You Can Buy Kylie's Creme Eyeshadow By Itself

The most recent Kylie Cosmetics news might be more exciting than when the Kylie Birthday Collection was released. In addition to announcing that she will be restocking her birthday collection, Kylie Jenner shared that she will be selling the Kylie Cosmetics Creme Eyeshadow separately, so you can buy it on its own if you want!

During the initial release of Kylie's Birthday Collection on Aug. 1, two creme eyeshadow shades were released. The shades are almost as pretty as their gold packaging in shimmering colors, including Copper and Rose Gold (how could you not fall in love with these gorgeous colors?) If you don't want to spend money on the entire collection, the two creme eyeshadow shades will be available for sale again on Wednesday, Aug. 31 at 3 p.m. PT.

The creme shadows, which are metallic shadows packaged in a pot, are $20 each compared to buying Kylie's Birthday Bundle that is going for $195, which is the same price that it sold for during its original release. Even though you may not want to splurge on the entire birthday collection, you can still get some of the gold-infused collection with the creme eyeshadows and the mini matte set, which will also be sold separately on Aug. 31.

Set your alarms once again because you won't want to miss the last time the Kylie Birthday Collection will be available!

How pretty are these golden-colored eyeshadows? With the creme formula, they act as a primer and will stay put on your eyelids longer.

The two shades Copper and Rose Gold look great in natural lighting thanks to a preview from Jenner's Snapchat.

I can't wait for Wednesday!

Images: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (2); kylizzemynizzl/Snapchat (1)