You'll Be Able To Get Makeup Geek's Shadows Soon

Your Monday is about to get a lot more exciting with Makeup Geek's latest announcement. Makeup Geek is releasing nine new foiled eyeshadow colors, and you're going to want to see each one of them because it's a spectrum of diverse, eye-popping colors. But when do Makeup Geek's foiled eye shadows come out? Unfortunately, Makeup Geek hasn't released the date for when you can buy the new foil shades, but make sure to keep checking the brand's Instagram account for more news and when you finally be able to purchase one of the new nine shades.

The new shades were made thanks to some fans who requested colors they were wanting to see in the foil shadow collection. In a YouTube video, Makeup Geek's founder and CEO Marlena Stell talks about how some people wanted cranberry red and a gunmetal color to be added to the collection, so she made sure to add them to the next launch of foil shades.

Stell debuts each new shade in the video so you that you can see exactly what each color looks like and what the pigment is like on skin. Even though Makeup Geek hasn't announced a date that the new shades will be live on their site, they will be here soon, thanks to the brand's teaser post on Instagram.

Watch the video to see each Stell preview each shade:

The new eye shadow shades may be bold and bright, but they would be a fun addition to any neutral eyeshadow collection.

Images: makeupgeekcosmetics/Instagram (2)