Why Miranda's 'Sex & The City' Style Is Underrated

Carrie had her shoe collection, Charlotte her sickly sweet style, and Samantha her sensual slips. These ladies may have garnered the most attention in terms of clothing on Sex And The City, but IMHO, it’s Miranda's Sex And The City style that is most underrated.

Miranda Hobbes may not traditionally come to mind when you think of fashion icons. After all, she didn’t hoard Manolo Blahnik’s or spend her Saturday mornings scouring couture. But hear me out: Miranda shouldn’t just be remembered for her razor-sharp wit, iconic one-liners, or pessimistic outlook on life as a 30-something New Yorker.

Miranda’s style is worthy of celebration, too. Her wardrobe of sharp suits surpassed the ‘80s power dressing trend and found relevance in a post-shoulder pad sartorial landscape. Her refusal to follow trends may not have made her the most fashion-forward of her friendship group, but her understanding of who she was and what she liked to wear made her admirable to me when watching the show for the first time.

She made style mistakes, sure, but instead of obsessing over them, she owned them. If that’s not enough to convince you that Miranda may provide to be more wardrobe-inspo-worthy than you once thought, below are 11 reasons her underrated style should be taken note of.

1. She Represented The Redheads

Miranda surely must be considered one of TV's most iconic redheads — and if not, she certainly should be.

2. She Was A Power Dressing Queen

Climbing the law ladder with a killer wardrobe stuffed with every type of amazing suit imaginable is no small feat.

3. She Didn't Care What People Thought

Unlike her besties, Miranda wasn't fixated so much on what others thought of her. Instead, she wore what she wanted, no matter what other people might've had to say.

4. She Knew What She Liked

She may not have been as "out there" when it came to her choices of clothing as Carrie, but there's something to be said for a woman who knows exactly what works for her.

5. She Still Took Sartorial Risks

I'm not saying she should necessarily repeat this bucket hat and rain coat combo, but props to Miranda for daring to wear what many others wouldn't.

6. She Pioneered The Pixie Crop

Long before hair above the jawline was a commonplace style choice, Miranda paved the way for all of us short-haired ladies.

7. She Understood The Importance Of Dressing Down

Miranda wasn't the type of gal to never leave the house without her Manolo's, and didn't mind if people caught her without makeup every once in a while.

8. She Wasn't Afraid Of A Strong Statement Accessory

From chandelier earrings to oversized necklaces, Miranda knew how to accessorize her power suits with perfect ease.

9. Or Ashamed Of Her Love Of Scarves

I'm calling it now: Neckerchiefs should definitely make a comeback.

10. She Didn't Give An Eff About Convention

Opting for a red velvet suit instead of the traditional meringue gown, Miranda's wedding outfit proved that she was all about doing things on her terms.

11. Sleep-wear Was One Of Her Wardrobe Staples

For a woman holding down a demanding nine-to-five while keeping up social commitments and personal relationships, Miranda's love for taking it easy and the frequency in which she was spotted rocking pajamas made her a girl after my own heart.

So while I won't be rocking a bucket hat anytime soon, I'll certainly be taking style cues from Miranda Hobbes — and rocking my pajamas, casual-wear, and penchant for understated style on my sleeve.

Images: HBO (11)