NYX's Lip Of The Day Lip Liners Are Affordable

NYX Cosmetics is known not only for their flawless range of products but also their ability to work as alternates for expensive brands. Now, NYX is giving you the perfect product to create a gorgeous detailed lip. The NYX Lip Of The Day liners are the precision perfect pencil for creating gorgeous Instagram-ready lip looks.

NYX seems to have become known for their lip products as of late. Whether they're alternatives to the more expensive Kylie lip kits or just being fly on their own during their releases, the liquid lipsticks have become iconic. While they're not the only reason NYX has become such a staple brand in so many kits — FACE Awards, anyone? — it's hard to deny how bomb they all are. In 2016 alone, the brand has launched multiple lip products, and now there's the Lip Of The Day liquid liners, and it should come as no surprise that they're totally affordable. These beauties ring in at only $7 each.

While you may be thinking that they're in your typical shades of nude pinks, berries, and red, there's far more vibrant hues than every day shades. In fact, color appears to be the name of the game with the new lip liners. Not only are they all vibrant, but there's not a predictable shade in site. From silver to green to blue, these liner are going to your #LipOfTheDay totally on fleek.

The shades are totally dramatic and gorgeous. Who would have thought of a yellow lip liner other than NYX. Plus, one look at the brush tip, and it's clear the liners were meant for details.

With an ultra thin tip, they're designed to create art on the lips, and personally, I can't wait to see what people come up with. So if you've been looking to take your lip art to the next level, the NYX lip of the day lip liners are going to be your new go to, and bonus points for that affordable price tag.

Images: Courtesy of brands